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Thanks for the suggestion morganchampagne.
Unfortunately, I don't have any tylose. Would corn starch work/help?
Oh how I wish I had read this before buying the new Wilton fondant. I am a hobby baker who uses fondant a couple of times a year - family b-day cakes only. I really liked the way the old Wilton fondant would harden. Will the new recipe harden in time? I plan on making accent pieces for my son's b-day cake on the Monday and want them hard by the Fri/Sat. What about thin plaques for mounting edible images on top of buttercream on cupcakes? How long would those take to dry?...
Google Thomas the Tank Engine tutorial and you should find a great tutorial for a carved Thomas cake. The instructions are really easy to follow and the look on your nephew's face will be worth it. I made this cake for my son's 3rd birthday. His response was "wow, it's a full Thomas."
I'm doing a similar concept for an oversize beer can. 4 x 4" tall 8" rounds stacked. I'm planning to use bubble tea straws to dowel each layer and will add a center wooden dowel driven all the way into the base. The cake will move no further than counter to table. I would love to hear how your project travels.
What about a brewing supply store - if you have one near you. I know my DH used rubber tubing as a siphon when making beer so it is food safe.
I have used them on buttercream with no problems. They kind of melt into the buttercream a little but still look good.
Nothing tastes as good as fresh squeezed orange juice. I always make juice from my naked oranges. If I zest lemons I freeze the juice in ice cube trays to use later.
If you don't plan on eating the trains you can make them as far in advance as you want. I made a 3d Thomas for my son's 3rd and made the fondant face 2weeks in advance it didn't crack at all. If you want the tunnels to fit to the cake surface try laying them to dry on the cake tin you will be using.
Hi there. I am a hobby baker planning on making a beer can cake for DH for his bday his year. My plan is to make 4 4" high 8" round cakes and stack them with appropriate support. Based on my measurements of a real beer can this will create a can shape with the correct ratios - I'll carve off a little on the top and maybe bottom to get the shape right. Based on the Wilton party chart I expect this will serve 80. Don't know how many u want to serve but I think you could...
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