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Thanks for sharing! =)
Zappy, you can download via - here I've tried and it works =)
Wow, Congrats and keep it up!I'm sure the orders will keep coming in! =)
Hi yourunique treats,I'm very new in this too so perhaps we can help one another I shared this little article which i found online on my Facebook, for starters, I say the article is quite useful since it is simple and practical ^^ if helps! =)
Wow, thanks for sharing! Being trying to find an article like this to read. =)To be honest, the cake decorating industry is saturated. (depends on which country you are in)Achieving economies of scale definitely puts you in front of your competitor I guess =)
I guess there isn't a need to be too obsess with the likes. I mean, if you have great, interesting articles on your fan book page, people will just keep coming for the updates! Having said that, my take is similar to Crazy-Gray. Have some interactions with readers, encourage to comment or share some links on your page so that more people can be aware of your page
Ladies, just wanted to say that "Wow! You have such an amazing facebook page, I'm so loving it!" =)
This is a great idea! =)Here's my humble little facebook page :
I would say discipline plays a part too. You ought to stick to your plan and not waver! Additionally I think it's also important to find out what's trending in your area. e.g what sort of bakes consumer are interested in now =)
My vote goes to macro mode too. It does enhance the quality of your photo. Using a DSLR cam helps too =)
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