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Hi Cake a wish,    Like what Jason Kraft has mentioned, it's good to have a basic business plan. That way, you would be able to map out some ideas on how to proceed to market your business.   Additionally, you might like to check out what sort of license you might need to apply in your country before you start your business.   Hope it helps! =)
Thanks Norasmom! Will explore the idea of starting a branch in Singapore! Shall explore for more details =)
I guess it's best not to go against the Law. That said, that let that hamper your creativity! There are alot of wonderful bakes and they don''t require you to put a [insert well known character] topper on your bake to make it beautiful! 
I think Icing Smiles is here for a noble cause, Norasmom, I hope you will not be discourage but this one off incident! =) On another note, I really hope there is a Icing Smiles, Singapore Branch in Singapore. I will be so happy to sign up - All in the name of charity! 
Do use excel. Check out some of the threads here. Some friendly members have uploaded very using pricing matrix spreadsheet. I think they are very useful! =)
Yes, I think it is important to tell your prospective clients politely and firmly that you do not do licensed characters. Better to say it out front then to disappoint the client at the end of the day ^^
Wow! I think you have a very neat way of arranging things =)
Gosh, thanks for sharing heartsnsync! Finally found the solution to deliver 2 tier cakes! =)
Another great price matrix! Thanks for sharing! Going to try it out =)
Very lovely design and you handled the situation well too! =)
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