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Awesome! Thank you!I figured as much, but I thought I'd post and ask. I don't want to take any risks
Okay, so my wedding is on Saturday, but I was planning on baking the layers and sheet cakes tomorrow. The girl that has my pans isn't answering my calls. The good news is that it's a friend's wedding, and absolutely every detail of the cake is up to me. My question to you guys is this: have you ever used sheets and trimmed/measured/cut to make squares for a stacked cake? If so, is there anything I should worry about?I'm trying to think ahead here. I'd like to profit off...
The fondant really takes the shape of the cake underneath. If you can get sharper buttercream edges your fondant will have sharp edges too- at least this is my experience.I've never tried using ganache, but that sounds like it might work really well tooBut yes, with my experience it's the way the cake is frosted underneath that gives it the edges once the fondant is on
It's also possible that your layers may have shifted a little after you decorated it. I'vehad that happen a couple times when i didn't have enough time for my cakes to completely unfreeze before decorating them (We bake, then freeze our cakes at my work). As the pp said, they shifted a little and I think that's why mine cracked
Has anyone suggested you ask her to use a simple syrup?Solves both situations.You could say "Hey! I saw this awesome xyz simple syrup for extra flavor and was wondering if you could include that in our cake? It sounds yummy!"Replace xyz with whatever flavor...even if its just vanilla. It's a way for her to improve her cakes without you asking for her to use a different recipe. You're not directly addressing the dry cake situation, but you're solving it, and in the future...
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