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I am a member with a fairly new biz and had posted some questions on this forum.  I was asking some questions on how to attract new customers to my website. No big deal but it was directed to the forum professionals. Today I went online to go to my website and this post was there for public viewing.  I am shocked.  I in no way wanted this to be out in the public.  I don't know much about this computer stuff but I will warn any upcoming biz to be careful what you ask....
I am doing a large amount of cupcakes for an event. 5 flavors about 200 of each cupcake. I do not have a commercial kitchen yet. Can anyone give me suggestions on the best way to produce this large amount of frosting in my home kitchen. I have a Kitchen Aid Artisian 5 qt mixer so I have to do lots before handHere is my plan The day before make all frostings. Place in separate containers and store overnight in fridge. The next day lightly whip and load frosting in...
I started an online cupcake business and have been taking out sample dozens and menus introducing myself to local businesses. People call me back to say how much they LOVE them. So my reviews have been positive but I have only received a few orders. I have a beautiful website with pictures and even offer free delivery locally. I have been told that bakery sales are low in the summer but am looking for ideas on what else I could do to increase business.
Hmmm... okay I am a little stumped here. I have made my almond cupcakes several different ways and seem to be getting a dry cake. I use almond paste plus a little vanilla and almond extract in my batter. Typically I bake at 350 but I noticed that I have had to lower the oven temp to 340 because the bottoms tend to burn more easily. I am wondering if anyone can give me some pointers when baking almond cake . Thanks for your input
Has anyone sold cupcakes at a fair or outdoor market where there is no air conditioning. If so how do you keep them fresh and the frosting from melting?
I am looking for something that gives my frostings more holding power in this extreme heat. I have tried to substitute 1/4 cup of HR Shortening to my american buttercream frosting recipe but I feel it just gives me a greasy sweet frosting as opposed to that nice full bodied butter taste in my original recipe. I don't want to compromise on the flavor for a more heat resistance frosting. I was thinking meringue powder? Does anyone have any ideas or tips on what else I...
Great ideas and viewpoints to think about. Yes - I am working on a FB page and going out to local business and bringing them samples of the cupcakes. Building a business is so much more than just baking.
Thank you - you guy are awesome!
Can any one speak to the flavor differences between an American Buttercream frosting and a frosting made with butter and high ratio shortening. I love the flavor of a buttercream frosting but the consistency can be tricky - especially with temperature changes. I am finding I need a stiffer buttercream and cream cheese frosting. I will do some testing using the high ratio but wondered if folks feel one is better than the other and why? Thanks for you input?
Exactly the cost of this is crazy for a bakery business. Thanks I think we have McCormick and maybe Durkee in our grocery stores. I will try them . Thanks for passing this info along to me.
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