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I bought "grape" cotton candy here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.   It is a light lavender color, but I am thinking of spraying it with Wilton's food coloring spray (there is a purple) once I have it on the Minion cupcakes.   Call around to specialized candy stores.  You might find they can make you purple cotton candy, like this store did.
Hi everyone,  If you were covering a cake in fondant, and planning to put either sota lace or chantilly lace on the cake, would you use buttercream for the lace or royal icing?
I am not seeing the picture :(
Today I found the chunky kit kats in a longer bar but I think they are too "thick".  There is now a video on youtube of someone making this cake (it is actually a double layer cake not single layer in all the recipes) but she uses the regular length kit-kats and it works fine.  Thank you to those that replied.  Your help was much appreciated.
I did see a recipe with a picture where it calls for giant sized kit kat bars.  I haven't seen them myself either.  Hopefully somebody might have an idea.  Thanks for the reply.
Does anyone know where in the U.S. or Canada I can buy extra long kit-kat bars for making eg. barrel cakes  (like the pig in mud cake)
What are your thoughts on this tilt turntable? It has a 12 inch diameter base. Has anyone placed a 14 inch or cake on it and if so success or disaster? It has a nonslip base but I am leary.
Thanks everyone, these are great ideas! I appreciate your help. I like the copper wire idea, and I think what I will do is buy the wires they use with cake decorating (cheaper than copper, easier to cut) and I can even make a little handle to attach to the arch for easy placement and removal from the cake. NEVER would have thought of these things without CC forum help. Thank you again!
Has anybody on here made this cake? I am a newbie at cakes and I am having a problem with figuring out how to make the arches in this cake, evenly spaced around the cake. I do have the Wilton Cake Dividing set, but can't figure it out either. Any ideas?
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