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Be sure to post a picture of your cake!!! I am sure it will turn out beautifully!!!  
I am thinking you would have to put some kind of acrylic underneath the wine glasses which would sit on top of the cake.    I am sure there are others who will have better advice with how to do this.  Good luck
Wow your cakes look very professional.  I only cook cakes as a hobby but I am sure your cakes should bring in top dollar!! Very nice cakes. There are others here who will be able to answer your questions about prices.  You do awesome cakes!!!  
Buy yourself a small oven temperature that you can hang on the back of your oven rack. My cakes used to be over baked so when I did this I found out my oven cooks at 25 degrees hotter than my temperature control. So now I cook at 25 degrees lower and my cakes come out perfect. Good luck/Mary  
I have never seen this recipe before but some people when making cakes separate the egg whites from the yolks and fold the beaten egg whites into the batter by hand slowly at the end before baking.  Does anyone know if by doing this will it make the cake fluffier?  I am no expert but an amateur. I would like others opinions too as I am trying to learn everything that I can.  
I wish I could work a cake like the video shows!!! Speaking of turntables in the beginning, I bought the Wilton turntable but found it to be very cheap.  I went into Big Lots and found a glass turntable that is ten times sturdier than the Wilton one. I never use the Wilton turn table any more. The new one I bought out of glass only costs me 8 dollars. If Istill had the receipt for the Wilton one I bought at Micheal's I would have taken it back.  It never gets used...
very simple yet elegant looking cake!! Very pretty!
The person picking up the cake should not sit the cake on the seat!!!  That would be an accident waiting to happen. Also it would be smart to have bottom plate of cake sitting on something skid resistant.  Once it leaves you, it should be the person's responsibility to get cake there without damage especially if you give it to them and cake is fine!!! Am praying that all goes well and cake will get where it is going without any mishaps!!!SPS system is also the way to go...
Ebay would be a good way or you could advertise on craigslist for free!!! Just a suggestion but I am always looking on craigslist in my area for things.
I love the way he uses the spoon on the sides of the cake!! Saw this video a couple of months ago but could not remember where to find it again.  I also think he is using some kind of cream or bettercreme.  Thanks for posting!/Mary  
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