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Unlimited, To each his own!! I do not work and am retired so I have plenty of time! You can do roses your way and I will do them my way.  If I sold cakes for a living then maybe I would do the roses differently but for now I enjoy doing them on the cake.
 I have heard of some people that just bake 4 of the 9 x 13 cakes and put 2 of  them down side by side which would equal to a bigger cake.  I have never needed a cake that big since I just do it as a hobby!! Just food for thought!!  
Learn to make them right on to the cake!!! And yes, you need stiffer icing. Look at this stacking and fixing video in the second last half of video and it shows you how to make roses right on top of cake. Also if you are new check out all of her videos and you will learn so much more. Visual learning is always best for me!!! You can practice on top of cupcakes!! Just keep practicing and you will learn!!/Good luck
WOW!! It costs a lot for packaging!!! Sounds like it costs more for the boxes than for making the 3,000 mini cupcakes.  Hopefully, someone here can come up with a cheaper solution. Good luck/Mary  
Sounds like too much work for the money!!! Hopefully they will change their minds and want something easier to make!!!  
great advice, Jason!!!
I think it looks very nice!!! You did a great job!!!  
Hang in there. Things normally get worse before they get better!!! There will be light at the end of the tunnel.  You just can't see it yet!!! Keep the faith and know that things will get better for you.  Sorry to hear you are having bad days but don't give up!!!   Sounds like you have a great family standing behind you and helping you. With your family's help  you will make it!!!! I  will be praying for you!! /Mary
That is a very pretty cake!!
Are you going to put buttercream flowers on or all fondant flowers? There are a lot of videos that you can also watch on you tube which will help you with either buttercream or fondant flowers.  Videos are visual and help a great deal when you are practicing and just learning!!! I could post a few videos for you to look at but not sure what kind of decorations you are planning to put on your cake. A lot of people practice with butter cream on wax paper or the tops and...
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