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It is a very beautiful cake!!! WOW!!! I am sure that you will do fine with the cake!!  
Hello, Here are two that I have. I have tried the first one but have not tried the second one.  The one with sour cream is very good!!! I saved this in my document folder but do not remember where on internet I got this. Hope this helps/Mary Cake Mix extender number 1 Ingredients Prepare cake mix as per package directions. In addition to this add, 1 egg 1 cup flour 250 ml (or 8 oz.) sour cream or yogurt (I prefer to use low fat yogurt) 1 cup...
Your coffee cup is so cute and to use pudding was an excellent choice!! You did an excellent job!!!
Though I see what the word stage says in wikipedia it also says something about it originating by the french. This is America not France.  I had no idea they did this in America too!!! It still does not make it right, just my opinion!!!! Glad I do not have to work in a place like that!!!!  
Making the cupcakes with the cream cheese icing is a very good idea!!! Many people who marry get the cupcakes made!!!
Boy, it sounds like a dictatorship to be working for a baker that is greedy, inconsiderate and mean!!! I am so sorry for those of you who are having to go through this!!! I know it can not be legal for any company to force people to work for one whole day without getting paid for it!!! They should be reported to the labor board!! I did not know that it was that bad!!! Will be praying for you to find a decent place to work where they will treat you better!!!!  
I agree that it is missing a foot!!! Looks incomplete with the foot missing. Everything else looks pretty good.  
I have never seen anyone wanting fruitcake for weddings.  Most people around where I live hate fruitcake however I love it if it is made right!!!  I love it around Christmas time!!! Yummy Yum!!!  
I have a s/s bowl that can be used in the oven and I bought it at Walmart. It works perfectly!!! BTW, your pregnant belly cake is too cute!! You did a great job!!!
k8memphis, that is one beautiful cake!!!! You did a fantastic job!!!  
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