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Ebay would be a good way or you could advertise on craigslist for free!!! Just a suggestion but I am always looking on craigslist in my area for things.
I love the way he uses the spoon on the sides of the cake!! Saw this video a couple of months ago but could not remember where to find it again.  I also think he is using some kind of cream or bettercreme.  Thanks for posting!/Mary  
A lot of people level the cake before freezing so my guess would be yes go ahead and level it.  
Marianna46, you say you have used the Wilton spray colors. Do they do a good job? I have thought of buying some but was not sure if it worked properly. Thanks for any information/Mary  
I grieve for any mother who lost their child.  It is a horrible thing.  Just know that one day when you get into Heaven you will see them again!!!! You will always have memories and no one can ever take the memories away from you.  My brother died 48 years ago and every year of my brother's birthday my mom still thinks of him!!! My prayers go out to all mothers whose child is now in Heaven with Jesus!!! One day we will meet them when we leave this earth and all be...
Sorry for your loss!! I will be praying for peace to your family!! I am 54 and when I was 5 my baby brother died of leukemia.  It is very hard on a mother and something that she will never forget. I talked to my mom the other day and she mentioned to me about it being my brother's birthday and how old he would have been then she broke down crying so my heart goes out to your family!!! I think the idea about the baby's name is a good idea.
Maple bacon cupcake or cakes sound really good!!! I saw one time on cupcake wars where they used bacon and the judges thought it was really good!!! Let us know how the birthday boy likes his cake and be sure to post a picture!!!  
Hey Chasey, Do you mind sharing your recipe. It sounds like something I would love to make. I love the fact that it has sour cream and crushed pineapple/Thanks/Mary  
I don't have the Wilton 9 x 13 pan because the corners are rounded instead of regular square corners. Mine are made by Chicago metallic and have totally square corners. I get totally straight edged corners with any of my square or rectangle cakes which come out with even corners every time.  All I normally do is cut off the humps of the cakes in the middle of cake.  Will the Marvel lids fit the totally square corner pans?  I have tried putting an aluminum turkey pan on...
I guess it is a matter of preference. I prefer buttercream.  You can make just about any kind of border or flowers with buttercream.  Here is one below that does cala lillies.  I love all of her videos on how to make flowers with buttercream. I have nothing against fondant because I have seen beautiful cakes with fondant.  I have never tasted fondant but people that I know who have say they always take it off their slice of cake and never eat it because they do not like...
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