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Hopefully, one of these will help you.  Here is a video 1 and 2 of a barbie cake being done.  You could just buy the wonder doll mold and the barbie pick that goes with it and decorate it similar to the below.   Here is one made from a big cupcake. If you want a small one this is a good one just to get ideas of how to...
I too love Ron Ben Israel. I watch Sweet Genius when it comes on TV.  I did not know he had an internet page. I am going to see what he has. Glad you are feeling better!!  
I love the cake you made!!! You did a fantastic job!!! /Mary  
I have done a butter cream transfer before by watching the videos on you tube. I have never tried better creme. The experts here should be able to answer your question about using it.  Here is one below that will help you if using butter cream. She gives you an idea of what you can do. Actually it is pretty easy to do once you watch the videos. There are more videos on you tube if you need to watch more. You can do it!!! I am sure it will turn out...
That is a very pretty tulip cake.  Here is a video below from Seriouscakes that is a also pretty. She uses the regular rose tip to do hers.  She also made a basket weave basket in video. See below.  
I love the panda bear cake that has blue in it.  They are just adorable!!!! All of them are cute. Thanks for posting.  
Mandbsiblings,You need to go up to the top of this thread and look at left hand where it says to start a new thread. Click on start a new thread and ask the experts on this site. I am sure they will be able to help you with this cake.   No one will probably see this as it is a new subject.  
ceej, I love your book cakes. They are very nice!!!  
Very pretty cake!!! I am sure that Pete and Barbara were thrilled!!!  
Also, you need to make sure cakes are all leveled and even.  A lot of people also use SPS system which seems to be popular with using for tiered cakes. I feel sure you will do just fine. The more you do the easier it will get for you!!! Hang in there and keep the faith!!!  
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