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A lot of the people bake their cakes and once they cool they wrap them in saran wrap two times then some put them in freezer bags or aluminum foil wrapping them again. Everybody does it differently.  The cakes stay moist this way and you can pull them out of the freezer to thaw. Most torte the cakes and level them before freezing them. I am sure there are others here who will give you more information. I only do this for a hobby but some of the experts on this forum will...
vgcea, is correct in saying to buy a little bit and then you will know the exact consistency for fondant.  I have never used fondant because everyone I know does not like it.  They all want buttercream.  Maybe one day I will try it just to see how it works./Mary  
I love the ribbons on around the borders of the wedding cakes. They look very pretty!!!  
I love the Hershey's chocolate cake recipe on the back of Hershey's cocoa.  It can be made with cupcakes or cakes. I bet it is good with the mint chocolate mixed in them. I will have to try it some day but with normal butter cream icing.   I made a birthday cake from Hershey's recipe and did peanut butter- butter cream icing. Everyone loved it.  In fact, a neighbor who had told me 8 months ago that she hated chocolate cake happened to be over there when they cut the...
That reindeer one is just adorable!!! That one is my favorite!!!  
That is a pretty tall and interesting looking cake!!! I like it because it is different. I have never seen a cake like that one.  Maybe someone here will know what the other side looks like. I am curious myself!!!  Too bad we can not see the other side of it!  
Ever since the box cakes have changed, I noticed my cakes were not as high and fluffy. The last one I cooked from a box did not raise up any at all. I guess the baking powder was no good even though the expiration date was 1 1/2 year away. Hopefully that will never happen to you. Maybe I just got a bad box of cake mix.   If everyone loves your box cake then keep on doing what you are doing. As long as they are moist and rise good what they don't know will not hurt them. ...
Here's one tutorial that I saw a while back about wrapping cake in chocolate. Maybe it will give you some ideas of what they wrapped the cake in to put the chocolate wrapped around the cake.
Please let us know what happens Monday when you go to the bank.  I am hoping that once they have tasted your cakes that they will change their minds. I am sure it tasted great!!!  They paid for 6 inch and got what they paid for and got a great price!!!! What more could they ask for??? Good luck/Mary  
Do you still need permission if you are not selling this but are making this for yourself?  
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