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Looks like they dropped cake!!! Sorry this happened to your beautiful cake!! It does not appear to be your fault. People do not drive carefully and end up messing up cakes or they drop them!!! But they always try to make the cake maker feel guilty about it when it was not your fault.   I have a little boy across the street and when he does something wrong he never looks me in the eyes. It sounds like the customer's husband also would not look you in the eye. That kind of...
It sounds like you have a lot of great ideas to try. It would probably be better to do a test run on the cake and let family members try it out first before baking actual cake Let us know how it comes out!! Good luck and I hope you win first prize!!!
Be sure and post pictures of your cake!!! I am not an expert at how the cakes sweat but have seen many discussions that if you get the cake out of refrigerator and let it come to room temperature that the cake will normally be okay. I am hoping the condensation will evaporate once it is room temperature. Some say to leave it in the box while coming to room temperature. I am sure the others who know more about this kind of situation will respond soon. Good luck!!
Congratulations. BTW, your cakes are cute. I love the solid white one with the beads. All of your cakes are nice!! Good luck to you. I am sure you will do great!!!
Same with me, I use milk and have had purple with no fading either. Hope that works for you.
K8memphis, what a great idea for putting them in the food processor. I can see how that would make it a whole lot easier to form with no bumples. I am sure that will solve her problems for the next time she uses RKT.
Congratulations!!! The St. Patty Day Cake is very cool!!! Awesome!!!
Red and blue make purple. Wilton gel color has a violet color that is very pretty. Walmart sells it in the wedding cake aisle. This aisle is not where the cake mixes are located. In my store it is near where the birthday cards and party favors are located. Anyone in Walmart can point you in the right direction. Good luck!!
Your cakes look wonderful!!! Hang in there, relax and just try to enjoy making your beautiful cakes!!!  Good luck.
Here is a site on you tube for making chocolate butterflies. You could also use white chocolate to make the same butterflies like the white ones shown in the picture you posted. Good luck!! I see Drea88 and I are on the same wave length. You can at least see the videos of what the chocolate butterflies look like. They are very pretty!!!
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