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If I saw a place selling cupcakes in the mall,  I would investigate and probably buy cupcakes of which I love. Who doesn't love cupcakes? Cake pops not so much but cupcakes I definitely would buy!!! I would be in hog heaven and there are a lot of people that I know who would also buy them if they were in a mall. As for you being pregnant, that is a problem unless you have someone that will run it while you can not.  Every newborn is different. My daughter had a baby who...
Find out if there is anyone here on cc that may be in your area or near you who could make the cake. Hope you are feeling better soon. Let people here know where you are located and maybe someone will be able to fill in for you. Good luck!
I love your cupcake cross!!! Awesome looking!!
Hello Lunawhisper 0013, I am with you about your brother's wife. If she had any manners she would have tried to at least be nice and say more to you than "we want this kind of cake. blah blah and so on all about the cake but ignoring your feelings. She has got to know that you and your brother have not been on speaking terms for a while. Seems like she would try to befriend you and try to do whatever it took to get you back together with your brother, her husband. Oh...
 I am sure that is very frustrating for you.  Things could have been a lot worse especially if your parents had no electricity. At least you were able to go to your parents and make the cakes. I hope they did not live too far away from you. As the others pointed out, it may be a good investment for you to have a generator!! Hang in there and I hope your electricity does not go out again anytime soon. 
I would put her on the "no cake for you" list.  Sorry that you are having to deal with this customer. I think everyone at one time has dealt with people who are a pain in the you know what!! If you had people in the family tasting the cake and you know it was not dry then I would not worry about what this customer has to say.  BTW, your cake is beautiful and very cute!!! Let us know if they try to get money back from you. Looks like you spent a lot of time on that cake!!...
Have you bought a new oven recently?  When I bought a new oven, my cakes came out dry and I bought a thermometer to put in oven and found out it was 25 degrees hotter than what I put the oven on. So now I have to set the oven 25 degrees lower. If you have the same oven then maybe someone here can suggest something else of what may be happening. 
You may have a bad batch of baking powder that is possibly out of date. I would buy another can of baking powder just to see if maybe that could be an issue. Other than that, I would have no idea what would cause that. I make scratch cakes all the time and never have an issue with them not rising. Hopefully, someone here more knowledgeable will be able to help you. Good luck!
Find out if anyone here on cc is in your area that may be able to take on your customer. Where are you located? Good luck!! Like someone said, she has a whole year if you can not help her to find someone. Good luck. 
It was stated "She supposedly does not have checks either or uses PayPal." As we all know anyone who has used PayPal has to have a credit card in order to pay them. So this customer is definitely lying about not having a charge card of some sort.    Let us know how she reacts to your telling her you are canceling without the rest of the payment. Good luck!!
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