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When I did the butter cream transfer, I had white icing on top of cake but my ninja turtle transfer was blue and red. Mine did not bleed at all.Once it was frozen and I put on cake I had no issues.  Maybe it depends on your icing or maybe I was just lucky. I have seen many people use transfers with no bleeding problems. Maybe their way will work better. I am not an expert so I am learning from others. Good luck and post a picture. 
You can do a butter cream transfer of a Canadian flag. Here is a link below showing how to do a transfer with butter cream. I once did one of a ninja turtle and it turned out pretty good.  This is just an easy way to do one that even a beginner can do easily. If you use buttercream, the colors should not bleed. Good luck!! I am sure there will be others here who may have better ideas than me.
I am the same way. My mind thinks too much and I get confused too. I guess that is why I only do cakes for fun. That way if I mess up, my family is more forgiving especially when it is a free cake. Everybody has had issues with cakes at one time or another but with each time we learn a little more. Hang in there because I feel you will do just fine with your cakes!!! Good luck and be sure to post your cake pictures!! I too, get ideas from others because I am not a very...
Are you referring to Whip cream icing? I have never heard of butter cream stabilizer before. I do use 2 tablespoons of piping gel when mixing whip cream to use for icing a cake.  Here is the link below for whip cream icing. I always put piping bag with whip cream in freezer for a short while before piping and after cake is decorated I keep in refrigerator.    If you are referring to buttercream, someone...
excellent job!! Cake looks fabulous!! Awesome save!!!
Katespate, You did a very nice job!! Your cake is really cute!!! Way to go!!!
Michelle04, your wedding cake for your brother is beautiful!! You did a terrific job!!! Very nice. Jdelectables, your cake is awesome!!   Both of you did excellent jobs!!!
Here is a video of where Cake boss does the poster board. He doesn't show this until at the 2 minute and 35 seconds of the video. He does this before covering with fondant. I am not a fondant kind of person so I just use the poster board and it normally gets buttercream icing very smooth. The more you practice, the easier it will get.
I use the poster board cut up in small pieces just big enough to smooth the height of your cake. The poster board is flexible and does an excellent job at smoothing the icing. I saw this trick at Cake Boss on TV. It works beautifully for me.
I have been told that gum paste tastes horrible. I have never tasted it so I am only going by what someone else has told me. Never the less, the cake is beautiful!!!
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