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I think it turned out nice!! The pigs are too cute!!  
How about chocolate fudge ice cream topping? Just a thought!!  
I think it looks great especially for your first time!!! Good job!!!
I have used it before and it reminds me of cool whip.  It even taste like cool whip to me.. I only used it for in between two layer cake as a filling..  
I think you did a great job!!! Very cute.  
I would not want a friend who says "I don't want to be involved".  Who needs a friend like that? Not me!!!  As for your plate you probably will not get it back.    Sorry that you had to go through all of this. Your cake is cute!!  I bet it tasted fine and there was probably nothing wrong with it!! Some people just complain for no reason. Try not to let it get to you and hang in there!! Keep the faith!!!!
Looks like they used maybe tip 1 or 2 and piped with butter cream. I am just guessing. Maybe some one here will know for sure. To get the squiggle lines all you do when you pipe is to wiggle piping bag with very short sideways motion while piping.
This was a very pretty cake and to me it looks very sturdy looking.  It appears when you gave her the cake that it was fine!!! These type of customers would complain at their own funeral!!! Don't let this woman upset you!! These type of people come a dime a dozen, unfortunately!!!  I am thinking paypal will tell her to try and resolve it through you, so this woman will probably be contacting you again. It could be that the woman was displeased with the color and is just...
It is probably a counterfeit. I saw a documentary not long ago about China taking all of the name brand things and trying to duplicate it but at a cheaper level. They said on the documentary that American companies know they are doing it but because they sell them cheaper to them they just buy them and save themselves money.  They said they copied all kinds of things from clothes, golfing, toys, etc.  They also said  that these counterfeit things did not measure up to...
If you put a dish towel under one side of pan and make it higher the 1st cake batter will only fill to half of a pan. Then once you have the other batter take the towel out with pan still in you hand and slowly pour the other batter right next to the one batter and it will spread to the end of the pan.
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