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Hang in there. Things normally get worse before they get better!!! There will be light at the end of the tunnel.  You just can't see it yet!!! Keep the faith and know that things will get better for you.  Sorry to hear you are having bad days but don't give up!!!   Sounds like you have a great family standing behind you and helping you. With your family's help  you will make it!!!! I  will be praying for you!! /Mary
That is a very pretty cake!!
Are you going to put buttercream flowers on or all fondant flowers? There are a lot of videos that you can also watch on you tube which will help you with either buttercream or fondant flowers.  Videos are visual and help a great deal when you are practicing and just learning!!! I could post a few videos for you to look at but not sure what kind of decorations you are planning to put on your cake. A lot of people practice with butter cream on wax paper or the tops and...
As long as it states on your box to keep cool it is plain to see that the customer ignored the warning to keep it cool or simply does not know how to read!!!! It is clearly the customer's fault!!! She really should not have gotten any refund since she was the one who ruined the cake in the first place!!! She must have forgotten about the cake and left it in the car but it was her error not yours!!! I would not worry about it!!! This woman has no legal right to complain...
Don't see a picture of cutter you are talking about? Post a picture and I am sure someone here will be able to answer you.
Cakesbycathy is right, You probably would not want to have him as a customer ever again.  He sounds like someone who is trying to get something for free and a manipulator!!! I am sure there was nothing wrong with your cake!!!!  
It is a very beautiful cake!!! WOW!!! I am sure that you will do fine with the cake!!  
Hello, Here are two that I have. I have tried the first one but have not tried the second one.  The one with sour cream is very good!!! I saved this in my document folder but do not remember where on internet I got this. Hope this helps/Mary Cake Mix extender number 1 Ingredients Prepare cake mix as per package directions. In addition to this add, 1 egg 1 cup flour 250 ml (or 8 oz.) sour cream or yogurt (I prefer to use low fat yogurt) 1 cup...
Your coffee cup is so cute and to use pudding was an excellent choice!! You did an excellent job!!!
Though I see what the word stage says in wikipedia it also says something about it originating by the french. This is America not France.  I had no idea they did this in America too!!! It still does not make it right, just my opinion!!!! Glad I do not have to work in a place like that!!!!  
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