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Excellent job!!! You did great!!!  
Your cakes are so cute!!! You will probably get a lot faster the more that you do cakes!!! Hang in there, your end result is beautiful!!!!  
I saw a video once where a woman who was cooking a 9 x 13 put a bunched up dish towel under the bottom of the pan so it was lopsided. She put chocolate cake in the side that was at the lower point then she put the white or yellow cake on the side that was up in the air and it filled up the other side and came right next to the chocolate batter which was right in the middle.   I am trying to remember if when she put the 2nd batter in if she slowly took the dish towel...
Sorry you had to go through this!! Your cake underneath the fondant probably tasted fine!!! Your cake was so cute!!! You did a great job!!!   Most people hate the taste of fondant especially the Wilton one. I have heard the marshmallow fondant is much better. I have never tried fondant but heard too many people say they always peel it off of the cake  and do not like the taste of it. Every one has different tastes. Don't let this woman get to you.  Hang in there!!!
I like the old style also made with butter cream instead of fondant!!! I guess the only thing that matters is what the bride or customers prefer.
That is interesting about mud cakes being better after they sit. The Hershey's chocolate cake would not be considered a mud cake would it? The Hershey's one is the only chocolate cake I have ever made.  
You hit the nail right on the hammer!! Great job!! Love the saw on top of cake!!!  
I have put Hershey's chocolate kisses on top of cupcake batter and Hershey's peanut butter cups. I just barely pushed them (not all the way - just a little) and when cooking they sink into the middle of the cupcake. They turned out pretty good. All the kids went crazy over them. Don't know why it would not work for truffles as well!!! Let us know how it works for you!!  
You did an awesome job!!!
Originally Posted by Crazy-Gray   You just reminded me how my little brother served his 21st birthday cake; he cut his 8" round into 7 pieces, walked into a room of 20 (one monster slice in hand) and proclaimed "Cake's cut, get some while you can it'll go quick"!!!! ...sometimes I'm sure I'm adopted!     You are too funny!! Sounds like your brother loves cake!!! This put a big smile on my face!!!  
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