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It is sort of like abstract art. I wish I had a piece of it right now to eat!!! Looks nice. I like it!!!
Sounds good to me. So do I replace same amount of ounces of choc chips to same amount of ounces per chocolate bar? I love chocolate!!!!
Yes it sounds fishy to me too!!! Someone probably tried cutting top cake  while it was on top of stand and broke it. They should pay for a new stand!!! But the problem is sometimes people will just not admit to the mistakes that they have done and try to pin the blame on you!!! Sorry that you are the victim of a mishap that was not your fault!!!  Maybe you should call the venue and try to ask the people working there what happened when the stand fell apart. You may get...
I too only use butter for pound cakes.
I agree that you need to buy a little oven temperature gauge and check your oven temperature. Also cakes should be cooked with shelf in middle of oven for best results. If your oven temperature is too high then you could lower your temperature setting by how much the oven is off.    Here is one of my favorite pound cakes that comes from Epicurious. Cake is put into a cold oven. Here is site below for recipe. Any time I have cooked the below cake it is always very...
No one can argue with the IRS!!! Thanks for the information!!
Here's one that is for a woman but could be a man. It's a police officer cake. The speed they clock is the age. See picture      
Here is a video of a barbie doll cake done with cake layers from you tube. This is part one Part 2 below  
I think it is a pretty cake too.  I agree that a soup spoon would probably work.
Some people do not even know what fondant is or what it tastes like. The customer may have never tasted fondant before and was expecting all butter cream cake.  Until I came to this site I really did not know anything about fondant cakes.  That could be why she did not like the cake. I am sure underneath the fondant the cake was moist especially since you cooked 2 of them that same day. I am sure you told this woman the difference between the fondant and butter cream but...
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