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Excellent advice from Danyag. That should eliminate the issues that you have. I, too learned from the people here at CC and they do know their stuff!! Hang in there and I am sure things can only get better by following the advice given!!!  
I also have Toba's book but  have never tried her yellow cake recipe. So how does it taste? Any good? I will have to try it next time I make a cake.
That cake looks like it is worth more than one hundred dollars. I think you will lose money on that deal. Between your time, ingredients, electricity and clean up, it sounds like you are getting the worst end of this deal. Your time is valuable and you should get paid more.Of course, you can't blame a customer for trying to get a cake for less but sometimes you have to put your foot down and stick to your guns!!! good luck!!  
the pile of presents idea is pretty cool!!! Sounds like a great idea. Be sure to post a picture.  
When my husband's daughter was little any time she would eat a red lollipop she would  run a fever of 102 degrees temperature. My husband told the doctor what was happening and he thought my husband was crazy. So my husband,  wanting to prove to the doctor that this was true took Hesper (daughter) in with a red lollipop and made his daughter start eating the red pop. My husband made the doctor take her temperature before eating the lollipop and about 15 minutes after...
At one time I had thought about getting this magazine but I see too many complaints so I decided against it.  I would rather have a magazine in my hand than one that is electronic only. Good luck and I hope they get it resolved soon!!!
I love serious cakes. I also love the way this person actually pipes out animals. There are a total of 4 of these videos. This is the first one.  
If your sales increased that much you obviously did a fantastic job at decorating them!!!! There is always one person who will complain for no reason!!  Wish I had a cupcake right now to eat!!
I have seen Wilton tubes of  blue and pink icing that has sparkles in it.  I have never used them but they look like they could be for writing or for scrolls since the end of the tube is very small and you just cut off the point of it. They come in different colors but I have never seen it in gold or silver colors. Maybe it could be ordered in the color you want.  Hopefully one of the experts here will be able to steer you in the right direction. Good luck!!
With more and more practice, you will eventually find yourself getting straighter borders and more even borders. You can make up some practice frosting and turn a cake pan upside down and practice as long as you need to in order to get your borders more even. This will greatly improve your steady hand the more you practice.
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