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It must be a hot item because it is sold out!!! The butterflies are beautiful!!!  
Even I have enough sense to know not to move a cake that high!! I can not believe that that woman was a cake baker. She should have known better!!!! So you think it was a dummy cake?
You could do a buttercream transfer to make a flat tiera on the cake. Look on youtube under buttercream transfer and they will show step by step. You would have to find a picture or cartoon drawing to use. Video will show everything. Good luck.  
I agree with Paperfishies. After the first time you should have a better grasp for how many cupcakes to make. When weather gets hot sometimes frosting melts. I don't know if dry ice would help in a cooler or not. I am sure others here will have a solution for the hot weather issue. Good luck and I wish you lots of sales. Most people love cupcakes!!!! If I was in a market and saw cupcakes I would head right on over and buy me one or a few!!!  
I am not sure about any of what you are asking  but I would think that the students would have to buy their own supplies. You should not be responsible for buying their supplies but rather teaching them. Also, I have seen Wilton classes at Micheal's but they are all scheduled for night time because most people work in the day time. I am sure someone here will have answers to your questions. Good luck. Sorry that I could not be of much help.
You have to click on previous page is sending you to and it will re direct you to the cookie.Cookie is very cute but I do not know where you could get this embossing stamp from. I am sure someone here will know. Good luck. Mary  
Here is a discussion on ganache a while back at cc.  
It is not your fault. I hear a lot of stories of people picking up their cakes and having a mishap. Once it leaves you it is the customers responsibility. Don't beat yourself up too bad about this.
Thanks!!! I appreciate it!
I will try searching on internet and see if I can find a group. No I am not a member of the SC cottage food law.  I only do cakes as a hobby. Thanks for the information
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