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Yes, I love to do kid's birthday cakes also. The smile on their faces when they see the cake is worth the effort and time to do their cakes!!! They get so excited with a huge smile!!!  
Yep, if you had not been there they would have blamed you. Good thing you had not left yet. When I hear about stories of cakes that have crashed like that I wonder if this same sort of thing happens and the person who made the cake takes the blame for someone else making it fall.  I feel sorry for the bride though!!!  It ruined her whole day I am sure!!!!
So what was the customer's reaction when you gave them the cake?
I think the cake is beautiful!!! I only do cakes as a hobby so I have no idea what they would charge for it. Because I am not a professional, I really don't see errors like the cake professionals do.  The cake is very pretty!!!!  
I have never made fondant before if this is what it is. I only do buttercream. Here is one I found on yt. Maybe it can help you. I am sure others here will know an easier way.
 I am wondering if you had mixed the lemon curd into some of your butter cream and then put it in between the cake layers maybe it would prevent the cake from being soggy? Hopefully others here who are more knowledgeable will have answers. Blackberries sound good and may work if mixed in with just enough butter cream to spread in the layers.. Hang in there, I am sure someone will shed light on this subject soon!!
I think you did a great job!! It is very cute!!  
I think of trees, mountains and wildlife and maybe streams with lots of fish and bears. Love the picture of Mt. Mckinley!!! Very pretty.. 
Here's another one done in pearls from a cc person that is very pretty. Picture on her post was of a picture which I think she used as an example to make hers by.
If that is hand piping they sure are good at it!! Very beautiful cake!!!  
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