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The important part is that you listened to what your paying customer wanted which was buttercream and your customer was very satisfied and happy with it. You should practice more with buttercream and you will eventually be a pro with it. You can always practice on wax paper to get better at it. Practice makes perfect. Your cake was probably wonderful and tasty!!! I applaud you for listening to what your customer wanted instead of trying to talk them into fondant of which...
Good luck and congratulations!!! You have a lot of work ahead of you!!! Hang in there and take it one day at a time!!!
I think the picture looks terrific!!! Hope you will be able to repair. Your figure of the girl is soo cute!!!
For fifty dollars you basically gave this cake away. You did a good job but I am sure you did not make any money on this one.
Make sure your cakes are level before you stack them. I am sure you will do just fine!!!
Love the cake with all the gorgeous flowers!!!! Very pretty.  
That is a very beautiful cake!!!
You did a terrific job!!! Love the quilting going on the side of cake and the elephant is too cute!!!  Great job!  
Congratulations on your pound cake finally turning out!!! Real butter works every time!!! Eat a piece of pound cake for me too!!!
I love the cake shown. I have no idea how they did that but curious to see who on here will have the answer. I am an amateur so I am learning, listening and watching others while I learn from them. Hang in there and I am sure someone here will answer you.  
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