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I have a Joannes fabric near me but I never would have thought that they had any kind of cake stuff. Next time I go that way I am going to check them out. Thanks for the tip!!!!  
I agree that a cupcake that has an icing dab in middle makes me not want to eat it either. Maybe some places do that to save themselves money so they don't use as much icing. I really don't know why they would do that.  I like cupcakes with icing all the way to the edge!!!
Yes, nothing is made decent now a days like it used to be. The USA corporations have moved out of the USA so they can have slave labor of which they pay those people little or next to nothing. I call it greed!!! I think if my mixer goes out I will try to buy a vintage one in good condition from either Ebay or Craigslist.  
I always thought Publix cakes tasted pretty good.  The other day I was in there and they had one piece of cake for a couple of dollars so I bought just one piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting to try it just to see how it tasted. It was terrible. It was not like I remember years ago when I use to buy Publix cakes. Guess they use cheaper ingredients now. A store bought cake will never measure up to a homemade cake for taste!!! I was really surprised that their...
Maybe your oven is cooking too hot. You should buy an oven thermometer and hang it on your oven shelf then check your oven temperature to see if oven is cooking hotter than what you set the oven on. Also cook your cakes on middle shelf of oven. If your cakes are dry and hard it could be your oven. I have to set my oven 25 degrees lower because mine cooks too high.   I am sure others will have advice also as of what else to do.
You do an excellent job at decorating your cupcakes!! Wow, they look beautiful!! I love butterflies.  
Here's an easy beginner cake that is a mermaid cake. Anyone can do this one pretty easily if you are not that experienced in doing fondant cakes. The doll can also be a present for the little girl to play with. Just another option for you. Good luck with either way you go. Be sure to post a picture.
I only do cake for fun but I have seen where most here will put the customer's deposit towards the cake if and only if they order from you. Otherwise they will not get any money back.   As for the 3 dozen cupcakes, I am surprised anyone would want a consultation for just cupcakes. They could come into your store and buy the cupcakes that is if you sell them in your store for them to try your different flavors. I am sure the others here will have better advice since I...
Here's one on you tube below. Good luck.
Awesome work!!! You did a great job!!!!
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