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 I am wondering if you had mixed the lemon curd into some of your butter cream and then put it in between the cake layers maybe it would prevent the cake from being soggy? Hopefully others here who are more knowledgeable will have answers. Blackberries sound good and may work if mixed in with just enough butter cream to spread in the layers.. Hang in there, I am sure someone will shed light on this subject soon!!
I think you did a great job!! It is very cute!!  
I think of trees, mountains and wildlife and maybe streams with lots of fish and bears. Love the picture of Mt. Mckinley!!! Very pretty.. 
Here's another one done in pearls from a cc person that is very pretty. Picture on her post was of a picture which I think she used as an example to make hers by.
If that is hand piping they sure are good at it!! Very beautiful cake!!!  
This very same thing happened to me one time using the wasc recipe. I also filled it up 2/3 way up. If I ever did it again I would only fill up 1/2 way. I learned my lesson the hard way!!  
Anything that you make whether complicated or simple I am sure your daughter will love it!!! I saw the butter cream transfer cake that you did of the train and it was very cute!!! The people here are willing to help you through it whichever you decide to do. Also your mickey mouse cake was adorable!!! I am sure that you will be able to pull this cake off. Take it slowly and just focus. If I happen to find any you tube videos similar to this cake I will try to post it for...
Maybe your aunt saw regular size cupcakes in the other shop which would have been cheaper than the bigger cupcakes and got her thinking confused with prices. She probably was looking at the smaller cupcake prices in her mind. That is the only thing I can think of especially since that bakery charges the same amount for the bigger cupcakes.  
Hello, Here is a video showing how to do hibiscus flowers with buttercream on a cupcake. You can do these on a regular cake also. Hope this will help you. They are using the rose tip petal for these. I have done these are they are easy!!  
I was also thinking about cupcakes. You can buy big rectangle cake boxes at cake store places and pack em in. It might be easier to do all cupcakes or a a sheet cake and some cupcakes. Don't sweat it. They probably invited more people when they realized you were going to make the cake for free.    Chances are that all of them will not show up!!!  You have already promised that you would do it so just hang in there and I am sure you will get through it.  Just try not...
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