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That is why I would never get their magazine. I love to buy magazines dealing with cakes but I have heard too many complaints about Cake Central. I hope they get their act together soon!!!
Go to you tube under broadcast yourself and type in cupcake decorating. You will see so many videos showing how to pipe cupcakes. For most swirls on cupcakes people use 2D or 1M decorator tips. They have several also showing how to make flowers on top of the cupcakes. Good luck!! You will do fine!!!  
Most scratch chocolate cake recipes will make 2 layers. Maybe just make 1/2 of a chocolate cake recipe and put in layer pan same size as your other cake layers. Were you going to make a 3 layer cake with chocolate being in between two white layers?   Maybe someone else will have a better answer for you. Good luck!! I am sure you will figure out something to do.
I don't think it looks that bad. The writing could have been a little better but other than that I think the cake is cute!! If he wanted full refund he should have given you the whole cake back!!!
I enjoyed looking at your face book page. All the cookies reminded me of when my son and I used to take the whole day and make cookies together. It brings back memories. Your cupcakes are also very cute!!! Have a great Easter!!!
That is very beautiful!! I only do cakes as a hobby but I am sure others here would probably want to know what size of layers before they could tell you. Love your cake!!!!  
I have never seen a deer and camouflage wedding cake!!! Just when I think I've seen it all, this one literally "takes the cake". lol  
Excellent advice from Danyag. That should eliminate the issues that you have. I, too learned from the people here at CC and they do know their stuff!! Hang in there and I am sure things can only get better by following the advice given!!!  
I also have Toba's book but  have never tried her yellow cake recipe. So how does it taste? Any good? I will have to try it next time I make a cake.
That cake looks like it is worth more than one hundred dollars. I think you will lose money on that deal. Between your time, ingredients, electricity and clean up, it sounds like you are getting the worst end of this deal. Your time is valuable and you should get paid more.Of course, you can't blame a customer for trying to get a cake for less but sometimes you have to put your foot down and stick to your guns!!! good luck!!  
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