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It sounds as if this customer wanted a free cake!!!  The nerve of some people!!! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this woman. Hang in there and do whatever you think is right to do. Good luck!!!
You did a great job!!  The cake looks fantastic.
I do not have experience with fondant. The cake looks cute to me.  I have read that when people made fondant pieces that are going on the side that they put them on something curved to let them dry so they will go right up against the cake.  Maybe like the other person said you should put them on cake before they dry. I am only guessing. The other experts here will be able to answer you better than I can. I like your cake!!!  
I only do cakes as a hobby but if I am taking someone a cake I do put it in a cake box just for protection.
 Maybe thee was too much filling in between the cake layers.  The damn of icing should stop the filling from coming out the sides of the cake.   Lets see what others will say.
Watching you tube videos is a great tool for learning how to do cakes. Just make sure you level your cakes. You will need dowels for stacking your cakes with each cake on their own cardboard. Everyone here will gladly try to help you when you have questions but a good practice run will also show you that it is not as easy as it looks. So take your time and if you make any mistakes you are going to learn from them. The people here will guide you through it. They are a...
I love it!!!  It looks like something Leonardo da Vinci or another great artist would have done!!! LOL!! I think it is very artistic. Looks like something we would see in an art gallery!!! You did a terrific job!!! You have talent and it was not a fluke but an interesting piece of Art work plus it tasted good too!!! What more could one ask for!!! Great job.  
Looks like it works great!!!  
The roses look pretty good that you did. It will look even better once you put the leaves and the scrolls on them to make them look like the ones on the picture. Let us know what your customer has to say!!!
I feel so badly for you!!! I had the flu about 3 weeks ago and pretty much stayed in the bed for almost one week all day long. You will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery!!! Too bad you don't have a very good friend who could make the cakes for you since you are sick.  Hope you feel better soon!!!  
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