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Hello, Here is a video showing how to do hibiscus flowers with buttercream on a cupcake. You can do these on a regular cake also. Hope this will help you. They are using the rose tip petal for these. I have done these are they are easy!!  
I was also thinking about cupcakes. You can buy big rectangle cake boxes at cake store places and pack em in. It might be easier to do all cupcakes or a a sheet cake and some cupcakes. Don't sweat it. They probably invited more people when they realized you were going to make the cake for free.    Chances are that all of them will not show up!!!  You have already promised that you would do it so just hang in there and I am sure you will get through it.  Just try not...
about 15 years ago we had my mom and dad a surprise anniversary party. I bought a cake from a woman who did cakes out of her home. At that time I was not into doing cakes. I just told her I wanted it to have flowers and to be 4 tiers. I paid for the cake in advance and I totally just trusted her and did not harass her in any way but waited until the day I needed it.  I figured she was the cake lady and I just put my trust in her. She did a wonderful job. She showed me...
You need to put your foot down. This customer is definitely trying to manipulate you into working for practically nothing!!! Stand your ground. The people on CC have god advice. 13 dollars for those dresses are ridiculously low!!! With luster dust and bows you should at least be charging 25-35 dollars for each one.  This customer is obviously trying your patience for sure!! You should get paid for your work not be taken advantage of. Good luck 
Ellavanilla, Have you heard from your sister since you gave her the cake?
It is very cute!!!  
I have also bought from Hong Kong on Ebay. Merchandise is always fine but it takes longer in the mail to get to you. I think I waited about 3-4 weeks. It was worth the wait!!!!
Most of the time, we are are own critic and think the cake looks awful and  lot of the time the people love the cake!!!  Everyone has days like that to where no matter what they do nothing works out. Good old Murphy's Law!!  LOL!!    It sounds like your sister got the cake for free!!! She has absolutely nothing to complain about if that is the case.  She should be thanking you and be appreciative that you made a cake for free!!!   You just got to keep the faith and...
Very cute!!! The chocolate frosting looks so real!!!  
I think it looks fantastic!!! You did a great job!!!  
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