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Buy oven thermometer to check oven temperature. Also make sure oven shelf is in middle of oven when cooking cakes. I am not an expert so hopefully the others will know more of what else to do.
I am sure you learned a valuable lesson. We all learn from our mistakes and become smarter the next go round. Hang in there. Don't beat yourself up about this!! You got some great advice from K8 and the others on how to avoid this from happening again. Keep the faith. Everyone has bad times with their cakes. You are not alone!!! I know you will feel very bad tomorrow when you go to work but as time passes all will be forgotten!!
I have done frozen butter cream transfers and they are very easy to do!! I was a beginner when I did this and it turned out pretty good.  
Hey, I think your cake is beautiful!!! I like the way you did all the lines on the cake. I like the Mr. and Mrs. duck I see. They are too cute!!!!  You did a wonderful job!!!
I have heard that it is pretty tough working in a bakery.  So sorry that you are having to deal with people like this.  I only do it for fun and as a hobby.  When I decide to cook cakes I normally do it for the neighborhood kids. They love it when they get cakes.  That way I am not under any stress and can enjoy baking and decorating.  Good luck with the bakery job!! Hopefully, it will get better for you!!
The important part is that you listened to what your paying customer wanted which was buttercream and your customer was very satisfied and happy with it. You should practice more with buttercream and you will eventually be a pro with it. You can always practice on wax paper to get better at it. Practice makes perfect. Your cake was probably wonderful and tasty!!! I applaud you for listening to what your customer wanted instead of trying to talk them into fondant of which...
Good luck and congratulations!!! You have a lot of work ahead of you!!! Hang in there and take it one day at a time!!!
I think the picture looks terrific!!! Hope you will be able to repair. Your figure of the girl is soo cute!!!
For fifty dollars you basically gave this cake away. You did a good job but I am sure you did not make any money on this one.
Make sure your cakes are level before you stack them. I am sure you will do just fine!!!
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