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I love this recipe (Hershey's perfectly chocolate cake) which is on the back of Hershey's cocoa box.   I once made this cake with peanut butter icing for a neighbor. Another neighbor who came over to bring her son to the little boy's birthday who hated chocolate cake came over to me about one week later and told me that she took her son over to this neighbor.   She told them she did not like chocolate cake and to only give her a small piece. She then asked for another...
Did someone say brownies? Count me in.  I love brownies!!  Yummy!!!  Krypto, I am going to try your brownie recipe!!!
I definitely agree that the cakes with all the fondant figurines, etc take a lot more skill and it is like doing art work that takes a lot of time. Now, I see what you meant to say. I could never do all of that fancy stuff that I see in some of the videos. I only do the simple cakes. Yes, they do make it look simple but we know that it is not as easy as it looks for all that intricate sort of decorating cakes. Sorry that I misunderstood what you were saying My apologies!!!
Why would anyone not cut a cake for 8 days unless it was a fruitcake? Seems weird to me. No one has ever made me a cake but if they had I would cut into it right away!! I am the cake monster!!!!
I love You Tube videos with cakes!!! I am thankful to those who do these videos. I make my grandchildren cakes not because I don't want to pay for them but because just like you, I love to bake!!!    My kitchen is the most favorite room in my house. At least that is what my hubby says. For hobby bakers who are not in business, You Tube is a lifesaver at giving me ideas and a great learning tool. I even go to the library and check out books on cake baking and use them as...
That cake looks delicious!!! Wish I had a piece of that right now!!!
Looks like they dropped cake!!! Sorry this happened to your beautiful cake!! It does not appear to be your fault. People do not drive carefully and end up messing up cakes or they drop them!!! But they always try to make the cake maker feel guilty about it when it was not your fault.   I have a little boy across the street and when he does something wrong he never looks me in the eyes. It sounds like the customer's husband also would not look you in the eye. That kind of...
It sounds like you have a lot of great ideas to try. It would probably be better to do a test run on the cake and let family members try it out first before baking actual cake Let us know how it comes out!! Good luck and I hope you win first prize!!!
Be sure and post pictures of your cake!!! I am not an expert at how the cakes sweat but have seen many discussions that if you get the cake out of refrigerator and let it come to room temperature that the cake will normally be okay. I am hoping the condensation will evaporate once it is room temperature. Some say to leave it in the box while coming to room temperature. I am sure the others who know more about this kind of situation will respond soon. Good luck!!
Congratulations. BTW, your cakes are cute. I love the solid white one with the beads. All of your cakes are nice!! Good luck to you. I am sure you will do great!!!
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