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I love that star trek cake!!! Too funny!!  This put a smile on my face!! Cat, I love the Russian cake!! Very awesome!! Julia, your cake is cute too!!
If you husband insists on you to keep baking tell him that he needs to get into the kitchen and help you every time you need to make cakes. He may not be able to decorate but he can surely get in there and wash all dishes for you. He can also learn how to make frosting for you. With both of you in kitchen maybe having help it would not stress you out as badly.   Some husbands will get in there and help but others would rather be couch potatoes and make the woman do...
I have a question. If you completely ice the cake right when you make the icing, then put in refrigerator will it still fall off cake if you refrigerator after icing it? I have wanted to try to make this icing sometime in future but not sure if I will if this is a problem with this icing.
I think it is cute!! I am sure it made your son smile!!!  For your first time you did a great job!!!
That should be pretty easy to just cut it out into that shape. I would do a cutout template bell, the size that you want it, cook yourself  two 9 x 13 pans or two 9 inch squares or two 10 inch rounds (whichever will fit the size of your template) then put your template on top and just cut it out for both layers. put frosting in between the two cut out bells and frost. I am not sure but the picture above looks like it may have fondant on top of it.   As far as the bottom...
 I am pretty sure if the cake is not being sold and only made for a family member then you would not need anyone's permission. 
When my son was small, I used to make sugar cookie cutouts during Christmas. We decorated the cookies and it took a pretty much half a day which was normally on Saturdays. This was long before I got into decorating cakes as a hobby. We would just make the glaze icing and color it all different colors.  It was always a special day when him and I would spend time in kitchen making those cookies.    I know what you mean about being exhausted. It is not as easy as it sounds!!!
I love orange cakes!! Thanks for the recipe. I am going to try this one maybe for xmas!!
The cupcake santa is so cute!! 
That is such a pretty cake. You can do it!!! Can't wait to see your final cake. I think your design on your drawing is nicely done.  
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