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Here is a site on you tube for making chocolate butterflies. You could also use white chocolate to make the same butterflies like the white ones shown in the picture you posted. Good luck!! I see Drea88 and I are on the same wave length. You can at least see the videos of what the chocolate butterflies look like. They are very pretty!!!
Sounds like something is wrong with the black food coloring that you have. It may be old. Is it liquid or the paste kind? What is the brand name that  you are using? I have black paste and it turns grey or black depending on how much I put in. It turns blacker the longer it sits in refrigerator. What do any of you experts out there think?
Good luck on your wedding cake!! Be sure and post a picture.
That is pretty cool looking with the planets inside the cake!!!  Be sure and post a picture of your cake. I would love to see it!!!
I'm jealous!!! You lucky dogs. One day I am going to buy me one of those and hopefully soon. Happy baking to you all!!!
I don't know about others but I spray mine with Pam or bakers Joy. Mine slides right out once I turn cake upside down on cooling rack.
So exactly what is happening to your cakes? Is it not done in the middle? Is it over done? Maybe the experts here can tell you what you are doing wrong if you explain to them the problem. Good luck!! Make sure you have an extra oven thermometer to see if your oven is calibrating the correct temperature. Here's hoping that this cake will turn out perfectly!!!!
Hang in there and keep your sanity and your faith!!!  Don't ever give up!!! Things are bound to get better for you!!  Once you retire and start making cakes full time you may end up with better clientele who will pay what your cakes are worth!!! Some people will pay and others try to get cakes for little or nothing. Good luck and I hope things work out for you in the end!!
Thanks DeniseNH for the flour tip!!! I will try this. Does this flour affect piping flowers in any way?   I live in North Charleston, S.C. So, I understand how bad the heat is here!!! It gets pretty hot here especially with the humidity factor which makes it feel hotter than the actual temperature.   If anyone else tries the flour please let us know what you think of it with piping.   Delicious Desserts, If you don't mind me asking, who are the suppliers for high ratio...
If you have a coupler you can use that to make the bigger round circles.Just don't put a piping tip on it. They are round.   Also, if you know how to make the parchment paper cones, you could just cut the size that you need. That could also work for a throw away piping bag without a coupler or piping tip. Just cut with scissors and pipe on wax paper till you get the size of round ball that you need. Good luck and let us know how it comes out.  This is just my idea of...
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