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I am interested in what the others think about this because I do not have the experience. While driving and cake sitting in a car flat, the cake held enough and did not fall over. There is no icing on the side of the box. It definitely happened when they took it out of box. Maybe the person taking it out of the box accidentally somehow tipped it over and caught the top layer but I am only guessing. Hopefully, others here who have had this kind of thing happen will be able...
I think this flour frosting is very good. I have made it several times. You can pipe borders with this. I think it makes the swirl roses pretty good but not the other kind of intricate flowers. 
I love your cake, very simple yet beautiful. You did an excellent job!!! That cake stand is also gorgeous.   What cake sizes does the cake stand hold from top to bottom? Your DH did a great job on the stand!!! Love the vines that are going up the stand. Really awesome cake!!! The flowers are pretty!!! Here is one for an 18 wheeler. They made it kind of big so if you did not want it that big you would make the back part of truck smaller and not as long. This just kinda gives you an idea of how he cut the cake out. Maybe others here will have a better video. Good luck, I know you can do it!!!
You did a great job!!!
Great fix!! Cake is beautiful!!!
It is terrible how some people try to get their money back by making up lies!! Sorry that this happened to you!! I agree that you should call the venue and ask questions because I think that something else here is going on.  Your cake was probably delicious!!
It sounds like this person wants to pay for ingredients and get the labor for free!!!  I do not think people really know how much labor is involved in doing fancy cakes. Good luck!!   Here is a whole video from Liz Larson on doing a bikini. Good luck! I am sure you will do just fine!!
You can never go wrong with flowers. I remember the old type vintage wallpaper with a lot of flowers on it. Also, paisley print used to be pretty neat.  Vintage can cover a lot of things. I am sure the experts who do this for a living can give you a lot of good ideas. Good luck and be sure to post a picture of your final cake. Can't wait to see what you and others come up with!! 
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