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Awesome job!!! Well done!!! Your cake is beautiful!!! I love butterflies!!!
A lot of people have no idea what entails making a three tier cake so don't let it worry you!!! I don't think she will find a cake cheaper than the two dollars a serving that you were going to discount for her!! Hang in there. Once she starts checking around, she will find out that your price was cheaper than the other bakers. You were discounting her as it was so keep the faith and don't let it get to you!!!
 It sounds like the cake did not cook long enough. Hope you figure out the problem. Sometimes it takes trial and error. Good luck and don't give up!! Keep the faith!!
I agree with Annie and AZCouture!! Round tip is for the squiggles and petal tip is for the ruffles.
I meant to say that if a cake recipe calls for baking powder, you use all purpose flour!! Sorry, I got it backwards before. I just re-read what I wrote and realized that I said it wrong.
Hello, I do not sell cakes but only do as a hobby. As far as box verses made from scratch, some people can not tell the difference. Ever since they downsized the cake boxes, I have started doing my cakes from scratch. My favorite chocolate cake is from the back of the Hershey's cocoa can.  Everyone in my family that wants chocolate is always requesting that I make it the same way as last year. Even those who normally hated chocolate cake love that recipe. It is so moist...
Some people use Hershey's chocolate fudge ice cream topping. It is delicious for putting in between 2 chocolate cake layers or white cake layers. The sweetened condensed milk sounds good too.
Boy that cakes looks delicious!!! I will have to try a black forest cake one day!!!
Congratulations on the job!! It sounds like you were perfect for the job!!! Thanks for the Banana Foster Bread with Walnut streusal topping recipe. I put it in my favorites and will try it one day!!! Job well done!!!!
I think your cakes are great!!! Looks like you have what it takes because your cakes are very professional looking to me!!! Great job!!!
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