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It is a shame that Wilton is putting out such poor quality.  That is what happens when everything is made in China with no quality control what so ever. I will not buy anything Wilton ever again. The last thing I bought from Wilton was terrible!!! Sorry you are having such terrible issues with your cake leaning!! Hope all goes well and you will be able to save your cake!! Good luck!!! My heart goes out to you!
Cat, I too must have missed something. I am sorry to hear about your broken fingers. I will keep you in my prayers that you will be a fast mender!!!! Hang in there and keep the faith!!! I am sure you will be piping again in no time!!!! God bless you!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!
Your buttercream flowers are awesome!!!! They are so pretty!!!! Great job!!!
There is a whole list of recipes in the section labeled recipes.  Go to the right hand corner up at top where it says search and type in vanilla cake recipes. You should find several recipes. Good luck!!
My first thought was the bear pan also. You can use the grass tip to fill in with the icing.  Let us know how it goes!! Good luck!!!
WOW!!! You have done a fantastic job on all of your cakes!!! You have talent and are very artistic!! Great job done!!!!
Hello, Thank you for the recipe. I have never tasted orange and chocolate together but it sure sounds like a delicious cake. I will try that recipe out soon.   It sounds like the grandma is not thinking clearly. She probably thinks that she is helping out with the wedding. Hopefully like the others said, you can put a sign in front of your cake and one in front of the cupcakes so everyone will know that you only made the cake. Good luck!!!
 I use cut pieces of poster board because it seems to conform to the cake icing and it makes it very easy to smooth the icing. Some use Viva paper towel once icing has crusted. Since I saw the Cake Boss use poster board I do not need the paper towel any more because the poster board gets the cakes very even. Try it and you will be amazed at what a difference the poster board will make. Good luck and don't give up!! Keep your faith and know it will get easier the more you...
You would probably be better off not saying which bakery because who knows what they would do if their secret cake mixes were revealed!!! They might be the type to come after you with a lawsuit!! You just never know.
Some people use dry ice. That would keep cake cold the whole trip.  There has got to be others here who will help you with this issue. Good luck!
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