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You did an awesome job on the cake!!! WOW!!! I agree that if the cake was not satisfactory you would have heard about it!! Great job!!!
Yes, she is wrong to use your photos without giving you credit!!! Although, when she is your boss, she will make it hard for you to work there and probably treat you very badly if you buck here. You are in between a rock and a hard place. I know you have got to be pretty frustrated about this!!!   Hopefully someone here will have an easy answer of what you need to do!! Good luck!!
Thanks again, everyone. All of the cakes are cute!!! great job!!!
I am so sorry that you have to go through this but sadly, there are companies who rip people off. It is always good to research reviews and opinions about that company on line before buying anything from them.   You can also go to you tube and find many cake decorating videos. Type in anything to do with cake decorating, icing, buttercream flowers, buttercream roses and you will find loads of them. I am a hands on person so when I actually see what they are doing then...
Tell them you are already booked and do not have enough time left to make them a cake.   It is sad when family takes advantage of you like that. My heart goes out to you!! Good luck and hang in there!!!
Hello, Here is a link to one I found. I love Tres Leches Cake but I have never tried the chocolate one. Strawberries would be good with chocolate. Good luck. I may have to try this one day.
If you overheard them talking about moving the cake then I am sure they moved it which probably caused it to lean!! Not your fault!! Always, from now on take close up pictures of where cake is situated and close up of cake so if they move it, you will know right away that it was not your fault. A five tier cake could easily get crooked if it was moved improperly.   I only do as a hobby, so hopefully others here will give you advice. Too bad you do not personally know...
Nice job, everyone!!! I always look forwards to Friday to see the cake pictures.
Everything Wilton makes is "made in China". There is no quality control in China. This does not surprise me that the fondant is no good!!! I do not use fondant but if I ever did I would find a recipe and make my own. I am sure there are fondant experts here on this site that could enlighten all of us about which fondant is the best and whether or not to make your own. I have heard that marshmallow fondant is pretty good. I am sure you could get many recipes that you could...
Jeff, about how many minutes did you cook your cake at 325 F before you checked to see if it was done? Also, what size cake pans did you use? I am going to try to cook this cake very soon. Thank you for the recipe!!! I like from scratch recipes.
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