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Don't think that you are the only one who has had a bulging cake. I think most here in their beginning of caking has been through this problem. With more and more practice, you will get better. Don't beat yourself up too badly!!! Keep the faith and hang in there!!! I only do cakes as a hobby but I can remember one of my butter cream cakes that did the same thing. Now, I let the cake settle for a while with the filling inside of cake before frosting the outside of it. I...
You should only fill the pan up 1/2 to 2/3 way up. Seems to me if you did just one of the recipe, you would not have to cook it as long as you cooked the 1 and 1/2 of the Hershey's cake recipe.  This sounds wonderful to me. I have made the Hershey's cake and always get compliments about how moist this cake is. I always use peanut butter icing for this cake!!   BTW, the cake looks cute!! Great job!!!
My suggestion would be to ask the person who wants the cake to be made because there are many people who do not even know what fondant is.  Before I knew about cakes, all I had ever tasted was butter cream and would have hated having fondant on a cake. Some people love fondant and others hate it. So the choice should be left up to the person ordering the cake. That way, there are no surprises and less chance of people complaining. 
I have never heard of black cocoa.  I did buy a Hershey's cocoa that was labeled as "special dark" which was a blend of natural and dutched cocoas. Would that be the same as black cocoa?
 You should always explain the difference between fondant and butter cream before making anyone a cake because some people prefer all butter cream. Most people who do not like fondant peel it away from the cake and do not eat it.    As for your cake, it looks pretty cute to me. They got a bargain for only $45.00 especially with delivery. For you being only 17 your cake is very cute!! Good job!! Hopefully, someone here can give you advice. There are some people who just...
Sounds pretty gross to me!! Yuck!! The thought of maggots turns me off!!!!
We have a Micheal's here and an AC Moore. I have always shopped at AC Moore. I have never gone to Micheal's so I am very glad now!! AC Moore gives a ten percent discount to those who have a military ID card. Another place that gives a ten percent discount for military is Lowe's and Home Depot. Thanks for the heads up about Micheal's. If I ever go in there I will remember to pay with cash.
I was wondering about all of that spam that I am seeing. Hopefully, the administrators can stop them from posting all of the junk spam.
Mattyeatscake, I love your truck cake!!! You did an excellent job!! Buddy cakes please post a picture of your final cake. I am sure you will do fine with it!! I have never tried to do a cake like this before so I can't really give any advice. Good luck
You are giving your cakes away with those prices. Raise up your prices!!
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