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For your first cake, I think you did a fantastic job!!! Way to go!!!!
Very cute!! You did a great job.
 Here is serious cake's recipe for frosting. I never add all of the 10x sugar because I do not like it as sweet. I might withhold at least 1/4 of the bag of 10x sugar from the 2 pound bag of sugar.   2/3 c. Shortening-Two reasons why I add shortening to my buttercream; stability and creaminess. You could use more shortening but when I tried that there was a kind of greasy feeling left in my mouth-yuck! There are recipes out there that use ONLY shortening (such as...
My neighbors said the cake was good with the added milk to the actual cake batter before cooking it. I am wondering what amount of milk should have been in batter that was left out of the original cake batter. Would any of you cake experts know what correct amount of milk I should have added? I had to guess at 1/2 cup because cake batter was thick and doughy looking without it. If mamapastel is still here, please respond. Thank you
I tried making the below recipe which was posted on CC some time ago. The cake part of the recipe was way too thick and looked like it needed some more liquid so I added 1/2 cup of milk to the cake batter. Has anyone made the below recipe before? It was too thick and my mixer could not even mix it so that is why I added the milk. It cooked up fine once I added milk but I gave it to my neighbor since it was her birthday so I will not know yet if it was any good or not. Any...
Awesome looking toy story cake. I bet your son was thrilled. I only bake and decorate for fun so I really do not have a story, Sad to say that there are many people out there that have the attitude that it's only a cake and "how hard could it be"?  It takes years of practice to perfect and gets easier but still takes a whole lot of work. I have never tackled fondant cakes and only do butter cream. No one in my family likes fondant and would only peel it off the cake.   I...
Include me in on getting your recipe K8 for the microwavable lemon curd. It sounds like it would be delicious between two cake layers!!! Yummy!!!
Who in their right mind would wait one month before eating a cake? Yuck!!!! That customer has some serious issues!!!
Awesome job!!! Well done!!! Your cake is beautiful!!! I love butterflies!!!
A lot of people have no idea what entails making a three tier cake so don't let it worry you!!! I don't think she will find a cake cheaper than the two dollars a serving that you were going to discount for her!! Hang in there. Once she starts checking around, she will find out that your price was cheaper than the other bakers. You were discounting her as it was so keep the faith and don't let it get to you!!!
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