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Hi All,   I've searched this site for an answer to my problem but didn't find anything.  Anyway, I am having a problem with the liners sticking to my cupcakes too well that it's very hard to pull them away from the cupcake when you want to eat them.  Also, while trying hard to pull it away from the cupcake the cupcake starts to adhere to the liner and it breaks up.     Anyone else have this problem?     Chris
I have tried a lot of frostings and I feel that this one is by far the best, even economically.  I use the butter/shortening ratio.  The best part is that you basically have all the ingredients on hand.  Last week when I made buttercream frosting I realized I didn't have enough powered sugar and had to run out at night to get it.  With this recipe it calls for regular pure cane sugar.  Who doesn't always have pure cane sugar on hand?!!  The other plus is that it is not too...
That's the one!!  Thank you so much!  You're a doll :)
About a year ago I came upon a flour frosting on this site that was made with both butter and shortening  I can't seem to find it.  The only one that comes up is made with all butter.  I'm thinking that I can substitute 1 stick of the butter for 1/2 cup shortening.  Thoughts?   TY!
I was wondering if anyone knows of a website that sells inexpensive cake boards and boxes for full and half sheet cakes.  I used to use Webstaurant and found that their shipping prices have gone through the roof!   TY
Believe me...I did check out the dollar store....nada.....nothing.  Yeah....I think I'm a slowpoke unfortunately.  
Thank you for your reply.  That wasn't too far from what I charge so now I feel better :)
Hi Everyone,   I hope you could help me out on this.  I am currently making princess cupcake dresses and I am wondering if I am pricing them to high.  Without telling you how much I am charging I thought someone could give me some advice as to how much to charge.  I use a boxed mix that I doctor up.  The bling which includes the wand, tiara, belt, broach and neckless cost me around $15.00.  I use a buttercream frosting and, of course, the box and board.  It takes me...
O.K. Thank you.  I wasn't sure because every recipe I read doesn't state it.
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