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Go for ednas videos, they are very affordable and she is such a great teacher. As far as cutters and veiners go, not sure but I do hear jennifer dontz's is up there as one of the best
I agree with what Edit said ^ Personally I would tell the bride that you are unable to help her out with the wedding, especially since it is on borderline of cutting in on your family camping trip.Doing cakes for friends and families can be alot of fun, and costly as you mentioned, if gifting cakes is becoming a problem, and if anyone asks just tell them, you cant do it unless someone comes up with the cost of the ingredients. And if your taking alot of time away from your...
Personally if you cant find a tutorial the next best thing in my opinion would try to get two at a florist, dissect one of them and use the second for copying. Wish you the best
Says "multi flower" veiner, what types of flowers would be suited for this type of veiner? TIA!
Your cake and the rest of your work is beautiful. I think you were under paid, Im sure youll get some good advice how to move forward in the future. Best of luck to you
^ what Kelleym said. Its not worth it. Also think about how you would feel if you created a piece of art and someone in the world steals your art and tries to make money off it. I know as an artist I wouldnt like it
I agree with what the others posted also, do you have a portfolio with some of your work that can be showed to them, while you might not have Bakery experience per say, if you show them some of your work, they will see you do have experiance Good luck!
You and the cake look very beautiful
If you are using mostly all of the fruit, than I would charge double what you paid for.
Hey Barbara,I use a whip cream topping when I make ice cream cakes for people. compliments it good and it defrosts really quick. Im not a big fan of frozen buttercream
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