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Wilton red is pretty horrible switch to americolor Take a look at this video from SeriousCakes. The part you want to really look at is how she explains how she gets her deep red by mixing a few colors,and it doesnt leave a bitter taste.Here is the link.
ScraftchSF made alot of very good and important points. I strongly suggest reconsidering this idea. Putting together a wedding is very stressful and tiresome, and you want to add putting together a wedding cake (that you never done before) something this complex?This is your special day, ENJOY it, don't add anymore stress to it by making your own cake. And as someone mentioned when you add up all of the ingredients, the cake pans and decorations- your honestly better off...
I agree with the above poster- It will take you less time making them than finding a place that sells them
You could do it in fondant mixed with tylose pwder, but if you really wanted to make the figure out of RKT (personally id do it out of modeling chocolate or fondant) Than in my opinion I would cover the RKT out of Modeling chocolate, its easier imo.
Hmm anyone that has this one, know if it is a non stick surface or if it slides around? I was gonna get the green board from GBA but this is so much cheaper.
The "Pro" and "Home" mat are not even out yet, so your not really gonna find anyone with a picture yet, its still in the "Pre Order"However- Its the same exact thing as "The Mat" from what I understand except that it will have the size markings which you see actual pictures on their website.
Youre gonna love that pasta maker, I had one in the closet for years and I am so glad I didnt chuck it. =)
Thanks for the tips I do always keep my petals/leftovers covered I even massage little crisco and stretch it to get it back to being moist and smooth.Gonna see how it works if I add a little fondant to it and see if it is more workable till I can do it faster
Haha yup thats me. I go even further to want to disect them at the florist/store to see how i can make it..I bet I look like a crazy man.
So I have just started to play around with gumpaste, been using the wilton pre made stuff. I find that it dries really fast, and with me just starting to get the feel for the stuff and how it takes me longer to learn to make flowers, its frustrating.Do you guys suggest maybe I should start with something like 75/25 GP/fondant mixture or even a 50/50 until I get the hang of it? Or maybe just mix tylose with my fondant.I just made a batch of nicholas lodge GP but from what I...
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