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I know there was a thread iirc about this. I havent tried it yet, I was thinking of trying some off brands tbh. I know thats what some people do now.
adding tylose to fondant isnt gumpaste. I suggest trying Nicholas lodge recipe. Its just royal icing with tylose powder in it. Its amazing
Flower paste is called gumpaste in the United states. I use nicholas lodges- its the one where you make royal icing and add tylose powder. You can get the paste very thin and it is very pliable. Its really nice to work with. You can find the recipe all over the internet and CC
Lisa is right. She didnt mean any harm she just doesnt want to see you spend 15 dollars on something you can get 2 dollars a box They're other things you need to watch out for. You can be spending alot of money on cake stuff when there's good alternatives. For example Petal dust. Alot of us grind up chalk pastel and you'll be saving yourself a TON of money, unless of coarse you want it edible and there is a brand of edible color dust.Just be careful to not get sucked into...
When I make buttercream I always sift it. Even if it feels very loose. Youd be surprised how many small clumps can be found Try sifting it next time and see if it still happens.
I will be totally honest with you. Your kind of setting yourself up for a huge headache, alot of stress and possibly a cake disaster. Making a two tier cake is not going to be as easy as you may think. You are going to need to do a lot of research and have some practice under your belt. I strongly suggest that you either reconsider making a simple design that's not multi-tiered, or if you have a friend that's more experienced, make it for you.As for the blueberry WASC...
nah your not alone. I prefer the soft rolled top edges on my fondant as well. I think they look alot better IMO. For me the sharp edges are saved for buttercream or ganache OP: If you are looking for sharp fondant edges michelle has some wonderful videos
I am freaked out by snakes, looks so real!
looking forward to seeing the end result
love the tree, did a good job
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