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^ What Jason said. Not just about consumption of the product but the principal of it
Wonderful, thanks for your helpful replies
I know alot of people use merengue (sp?) powder but I do not have any atm. If I use egg whites (its not to eat but to practice flowers) will it spoil if I store it properly at room temperature. I ask this because I was doing some research online and it seems alot of people for some reason say to not store royal icing in the fridge. Im just not sure if with the egg whites it will go bad or not. TIA!
Thanks for the tips ScratchSF
I hate microwaving chocolate personally, some people dont have a problem . When I make ganache I boil the cream and just pour it on the chocolate and than stir. Hasnt failed me yet
personally I would make it out of pretzals + modeling chocolate/Fondant or even gumpaste would work good too.
Best bet is to use a shortening base butter cream. Strongly suggest using Hi ratio shortening though. I would try Sugarshack's buttercream recipe or Indydebi's. can find them with a search on cakecentral.
Nicholas Lodge gumpaste 100% for all my carnations. I cannot imagine using fondant- they would just never come out. I can say they don't taste good, I took a bite one night
a true authentic tiramisu cake is not gonna be stackable.
You want to use the gel or paste. The ones from the grocery store are too watery and you need much more color to get the shade you want. I use americolor only need a few drops, its great!
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