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I tried it its a cool idea but, it isnt something I would adapt into my way of baking. I find it completely unnecessary. If people are doing it because they have a hard time seperating eggs than you should be practicing doing it the "normal way" just my opinion
You do not want to add flour or cornstarch (ppl have done it lol) Add more powdered sugar, you can add some salt to cut the sweetness down a little (from what I hear)
congratulations on the baby To be honest this is something you really need to ask the doctor. Consult your doctor about this.
great I will try that, thanks alot
Thanks for your response BakingIrene, I appreciate it. What is the purpose of cooking the jam till it boils?
I hope someone can help me out, I cant find too much information over the internet. I am looking for a brand (or recipe) for the jelly filling that are found in the Italian butter cookies that are sold in bakeries. Anyone have some info on what is used or what you use in the bakeries? Thanks!
Thanks for the reply. Yep I used semi sweet 2:1 chocolate to cream ratio.
I made the "Chocolate Ganache I "recipe thats on this site and I am not sure if something went wrong. When it is at room temperature the ganache was very very loose.Since I was making truffles I did put the ganache in the fridge I didnt let it set at room temperature. Maybe that did something to it? This is only the second time making ganache, I always had the impression that when it was set at room temperature the consistancy of the ganache would be that of a peanut...
Thanks for the link saapena!I have been wanting to make these cookies for years but I could never get an authentic recipe for them. Will have to try to crumb boss recipe.
I havent tried sharons buttercream yet, but I can tell by her videos that she does use the VIVA method to smooth. It does crust, any crusting buttercream is good for the VIVA method of smoothing. HTH
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