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This may sound weird but so far, all the 6-9-12inch tiered cakes I have made look too wide to me.  I really like the look of tall, slightly narrower looking cakes but find it hard to fit into the serving amount the client asks for.  I want to suggest a 8-10-12inch cake to future clients who want 3 tier cakes but then the cake looks unfinished to me without the 6 inch top tier!  And 6-8-10inch cakes are far too small for the wedding clients I have gotten so far.   Does...
for those of you who work/have worked at Walmart or any other commercial bakery, how do they ice dummy cakes? I believe they dry hard so when anyone touches it, there aren't any dents. Did you use plain old crusting buttercream or spackle? I have to make dummy cakes on a wedding cake this weekend but I'm afraid movement during the transportation process might dent the icing somehow since the styrofoam is so lightweight. I would appreciate any advice! TIA!
Hmm...I'll have to look into the cutter! Is this it?
I have no idea how to word this question but I hope you guys get what I'm trying to ask lol! I'm trying to get this effect on a cake:   I'll probably use the wilton ribbon cutter for all the lines on the sides but how would I go about covering the top of each tier?? I've had a similar problem trying to get a lid on a Tiffany box cake so I guess this is a similar scenario. For the tiffany box cake i just put the fondant on and trimmed the excess off.  The only...
I'm making a foot cake!  how could i make it look as realistic as possible? I'm pretty sure I can do something using fondant but any ideas on what other mediums I can use? (chocolate, candy, etc.)  Also what kind of texture can I use to make the foot realistic.  TIA! :) :)
That's a very smart idea! I didn't think of making grooves initially but I think that would do the trick!  And yes, I agree, all foot cakes are either very good or very messy lol  but thank you for your input, I really appreciate it! :)
My friend is graduating from podiatry school this year and I really want to make a cake shaped like a 3D foot! Any tips on how I can carve out toes without having them break off while I'm carving? Maybe I can make them out of modeling chocolate but I haven't used it before.  Any ideas?? TIA! 
WOW.  Thank you so much! she literally pointed out the reason for all the problems I had!  You're the best!!!!  
My friend just ordered a Dr.Suess cake that would serve around 130 people. I also got a request for a wedding cake for 150 people, priced at $500.  The servings are almost the same so wouldn't it be unreasonable for someone to spend $450-$500 for a birthday cake?! I'm really lost on how I should go about this as far as prices go   And the cake he asked for looks like a 3-4 layer sheet cake with the hat on top, do you think this would be enough for 100-130 people?  I...
Hi Everyone!   I recently started using fondant on my cakes and I ALWAYS seem to have problems with covering the sides of cakes, especially the last few inches/centimeters I have left to adhere to the cake.  :( Of course, I make the neater side the front of the cake, but the back side looks rather messy, and I really want to fix that.  Any tips? I hope this all makes sense TIA!!!
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