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wonderful info! I can do this! :) thanks!
I know this is an old thread..but Jaime..your recipe worked! Thanks!
What a coincidence! I really liked that cake too and added it to my favorites right away! I guess if she rolled the fondant really thin it would 'lighten' it up..I haven't worked with italian BC, but maybe frosting with a ganache might hold it (cause it can dry harder??) I'm not too savvy with cake making quite yet lol But I LOVED that cake
How frustrating lol I was in the gallery looking for ideas..since she want's outdoorsy lol would piping leaves work?? maybe like this..but only in a coordinating color and perhaps less? maybe something like this?? luck!! xo
Hi, I love the ruffle look too! Another baker posted a wonderful picture and she included some instructions in the comment area I'm new to the forums..I hope this link works...
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