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you might want to make a sturdier cake. Some recipes and most mixes are crumb prone. If you are using thin layers of very light cake that could be part of the problem, along with overly stiff icing.
my vote is that it is only petals.  maybe even fondant petals.  but just petals
I keep an ice pack ( like for injuries that you can refreeze) wrapped in a cotton towel by my work area. Can cool my hands, rest my piping bags or firm up my modeling chocolate. And the plastic lines linen bags be Ateco help as well.
Those look like they would be easiest to replicate in molding chocolate. Betting it's a mold.
I love this for frosting and smoothing after doing the final whip.  I find that if I mix the 5 lb sugar batch, remove about 1/4 for piping before the final creaming, then go to town on the rest the consistency is better for piping.
Sorry Cat, fell asleep. Floors were chocolate Kailua mud cake with chocolate ABC, coconut pound cake with seven minute frosting and caramel cake with Swiss buttercream and dulce de leche filling and topping.
Did three birthday cakes for family last Sunday and today whipped up a batch of red velvet cupcakes to try out my new CK crime bouquet flavor in th icing
I don't use bake strips, tried them not thrilled. But I do collar my pans with parchment which also results in a more even rise and worry free removal (parchment bottom and sides). Also press cakes immediately after removal from oven and bake at 325 (300 with the convection on). Basically love parchment and love the fact that my cakes do not have that flour shortening goo marring the outside. Get whole sheet size then just sit and cut all my circles and collars at once.
I walked into the course with no previous experience, just on line tutorials, and did fine. If you already have a knack for gum paste then should have no problems.Good luck!
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