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I'd like to know also!!!
Yep they look good....looks like a petal tip....but what is the "core" made up of? I would say yep, fill it in a little more to cover the core up, or make it the same color!!!Awesome Job!!!
I baked about 200 last year for my brother's wedding, and didn't have this happen...I used a regular box cake mix...Is your recipe a scratch one?
Yes this is my favorite time of the year!!!! And not because it's my birthday either.......he he he...ok, maybe...a little!!!Happy Halloween to all!!!! May you get treated more than tricked this year!
Congratulations!!!! My youngest is 4 1/2...and the oldest will be 9 next month....Oh where did the time go??????
I would probably chalk it up to lesson'd learned on this one.....but live and learn right?!!!good luck!!
Well, I would give the customer what she wants, but if you have a portfolio take that with you, and if you get questions, you can show people some examples of what you have done.
Wow, that is a HUGE M&M....he looks great!!! GOOD JOB!
sweetsnmoore; are yours airbrushed? Thumbs up to all the great cookies posted...they look great!
WOW! Just looked at your pics!!! AMAZING WORK! If I could be 1/100th that good, I'd be happy!! You will surely have no problem getting orders.......
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