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Super cute tutorials thanks for posting!
If I could make that cake in that amount of time with that little sleep I would be very happy with it! You are being very hard on yourself. You will always meet some folk who are like that. Please don't dewl on it.
Mine never looks as good as hers but here's hoping practice makes perfect! :)  
Hi NicciZ,   This may help you getting sharp edges
Yortma your advice worked a treat! I released and flipped the mat each side very regularly and laid it back down and I got a great result. Any little marks were easily dealt with using a fondant smoother. You've restored my confidence in The Mat! Thanks so much!  
I will certainly try that method and thanks so much for that Yortma! What you describe makes sense to release and flip over frequently.  I so want it to work as I love the way you can roll the fondant thinner and don't need to use anything on your worktop when rolling out.  
I was at a show recently where a lady was showing it in a demo. She was using the middle sized mat, (I have the pro sized) It looked new and it worked fine for her. Perfect even! She advised me to use some trex to rub in and then wipe off to stop the little holes I'm getting in my fondant when I use it. I have tried it and the results are the same, still getting the little holes. The only other difference was she was using a thicker (older sytle rolling pin) to mine but...
Would love to see a pic Babbo if you try again.  
Hi Babbo,   This might help you!   Best of Luck.
Thanks K8memphis! I really do love that pic its so cute!
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