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hey all, as i am still new at this i dont exactly have all supplies. i live in a very small town and dont have many options for cake decor around me. anyone got any good online ordering sites where i could order right from home??THANKS
thank you to everyone!! im gonna try a couple og these suggestions. thought of something last night to scrape my dry black icing off and re-ice chocolate icing branches. now what was ordered but better then pink i guess.. before i do has anyone ever had chocolate fudge icing bleed???definately dont want to make this mistake again...thank you to u all for ur help.. i was lost on options
cake feels a little cool to touch but has been at room temp. i don't thinking scraping is going to be an option cause the cake is very soft. already had to re-bake a tier as it would not hold my frosting without crumbling. anything i can to to get the bleed out?? does icing usually bleed on the surface or down through. im very new to cakes and am learning as i go.
i have a 3 tier fondant covered cake made. customer wanted black branches up the cake and silver leaves on the branches... MY BLACK ICING BLEAD ALL OVER MY CAKE.!!! PINK ALL OVER THE FRONT OF MY BLACK AND WHITE CAKE!! any ideas will be tried!! ty all!!
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