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Sounds great Sherri! Thanks for your help with this too We have 2 months to get those numbers up. Let's keep this going!!!!
I'm hopeful too. But who knows what will happen. Im keeping my fingers crossed and continuing to spread the petition
Awesome!!! That sounds like a fun idea Along the same lines as "Upside down cake" or "Chocolate covered raisins" ... what if they were called .... "Cake covered pies"
Hi Sherri! Oh I wish I could tell you when it would take effect. I'm really hoping for sometime in the first quarter of next year. Obviously the more signatures we can obtain, the better. So please feel free to pass this along to any family or friends in Wisconsin that you know would sign this and help support us small bakers. I'm in the same boat as you in the fact that it wouldn't be worth renting a commercial kitchen right now. I definitely can keep you posted if I hear...
Yahoo! We are at 319. Let's keep this going!!! You guys rock
Too bad we can't get WI and MN to combine petitions! Ours has about 299 right now and we are hoping that they will be looking at the law early next year. Maybe we can promote each others petitions for those who have family that live in WI or MN??? We small bakers need to stick together
Hey all my Wisconsin bakers. Someone directed me to a post that was posted in January of this year. It's dealing with the Food Cottage Law ... trying to get Wisconsin to pass it so we can bake and sell out of our homes (like over half of the states can already do). Please follow this link to sign the petition (send it to friends and family members that live here too). We are at 298 and it would be great to get close to 1,000 votes! Lets keep passing it along, we only have...
Thanks!!!! Please pass it along to any other family members or friends that might be willing to sign it. The more we have the better!!!
Congrats!!! I'm hoping that WI will pass it next year at some point. Fingers crossed!!!
Sorry to hear that. Hopefully this law will get passed next year so we can start baking and selling out of our home kitchens legally. As far as I know it includes, but isn't limited to breads, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, pastries, buns, rolls, biscuits, and pies (except meat or cream pies). Definitely please sign the petition and pass it on to friends and family members to sign as well. The more we get the better chance we all will have at starting our own companies
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