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Hi Vicki!   Please feel free to click on the links that I have provided in the previous posts. We still have the petition going around so if you can forward that to anyone you know how would be willing to sign it that would be a great help! Also the Wisconsin Cottage Food Law Facebook Page is up and running and that is where the most recent news is posted.    If you would like to be involved further please seek out Shannon from Artfully Delicious Cookies as she...
The Facebook page is up and running for Wisconsin Cottage Food Law. Click on the link below to "Like" it <3
Hey my fellow Wisconsinites!!!   Please click on the link below to read the newest blog post I wrote in regards to the Wisconsin food cottage law. If you haven't helped and are looking to help, there are instructions how you can help. I hope this new year is bringing good things happening in your life. Let's make 2013 rock!!!
Oooo 442!!!!! Lets try to get over 500 
Up to 442 ... let's keep going 
WOW! In just one day we jumped up to 429!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome job we are doing Wisconsin, let's keep this up! 
Hey all my Wisconsin bakers.   We are trying to get Wisconsin to pass the Food Cottage Law so we can bake and sell out of our homes (like over half of the states can already do). Please follow this link to sign the petition (send it to friends and family members that live here too). We are at 398 and it would be great to get close to 1,000 votes! Lets keep passing it along, we only have just over a month...
We are now at 357! What a great push this has been. We still have a ways to go and only till the end of the year to get as many as we can. Please pass this on to anyone you know who lives in Wisconsin. This law getting passed could help out so many families in this horrible economy.
No problem. I'll give her your email address
I'm not sure. Do you have a Facebook account? I can get you in touch with the woman who actually started the petition. And I'm in the very southeastern part of WI. Wish I could be there to help out
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