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That sounds like a good idea, I might have to try that.  
Thanks, I'll be on the lookout for the Duncan Hines Homestyle. 
I like to make my own buttercream but last time I made it my mixer started giving off that burnt rubber smell from the motor so if it conks out on me I need to have  a frosting that I can go out and buy?  What would be the best brand? 
Cool, next time I break some eggs to cook and have an empty water bottle around I'm gonna try it too,.
Let me know if it works.
Ballpark price would be really high, I think they charge like $10 for a beer or a hotdog. I would at least triple the pricesike, just kidding.
I think it's ugly, but if a client wants it and you let them know that there is a concern that it might dry out, go for it.notice in the picture how they put flowers everywhere to distract you by how ugly the cake can look. Maybe it's a good cake for an ugly bride.
Yay, congrats, and good luck
It's better to be known as the Cheap Cake Lady than the Stupid Cake Lady.It's easier to explain that your cakes aren't cheap than it is to explain why you aren't stupid.
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