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Well I apologies. I did search!
Thank you. I did respond to a few but the postings are a few years old. I was only able to find the video of smocking. I wasn't sure of an actual book. Thanks! I just got the book for $5.99. I can't wait to read it! Do you think on top of the smocking she uses basic piping skills along with the Oriental method?
I recently came across a cake which I found amazing and would love to learn to do this. It was titles smocking and piping. Please click here To view it. If there's a book can anyone refer it? I'm not sure on the piping skills it Looks like basic and Oriental but I'm not sure.
Thank you Kazita! After reading all that it sounds like I need to ask the copyrights holder for permission "if I intend to sell the cake" and get permission from the baker "if I am to copy their cake and give the baker credit for the original piece." I really don't plan on selling character cakes. I enjoy the detail of a string work cakes like Lambeth and Nirvana to name a few. This is however the cake I plan on duplicating with the bakers permission. Please have FB up...
I am really interested in making a Hello Kitty cake. I saw one from a baker on FB. Now I want to tread carefully. I really do want to duplicate this cake, however, my intentions are not to steal it and claim it as my own work. I fully intend to give full credit to the original baker. I have emailed the original baker requesting their permission to copy/ duplicate their cake. Stated my intentions are to make it for my soon to be 3 year old. I'm still a beginner baker, by...
Thank you!
I recently saw some Magic Decor  by Pavoni Italia on some cakes and cupcakes online. I was wondering if anyone has used this?   It looks like SugarVeil but it's not. Please click here to view the made from Dolce Parlare. It is very beautiful!
Thank you! I'll definitely try different recipes.
Thank you! I've only ever seen sugar cookies decorated. And of course those ginger snaps, but nothing else so I was wondering, lol.
Thanks you! Those are seriously beautiful! It's like old school piping on cookies! I just love those! So can you decorate just on Sugar cookies and ginger cookies? I'm curious what other cookies everyone decorates on too.
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