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amazxingy thank you, think she says a square tin is 1" bigger than round, so I take it for an 8" square I would use a 9 round mix xx
Oh thank you Rfisher off to Google now, very much appreciated xxx
Sorry rfishet I can't figure that one out, was all happy wanting to make a cake, now it seems to be a hard thing to do. Xx
Wow look at the power rangers cake its amazing xx
Thanks I can't find an HD, Madeira or mud cake specifically for an 8" square mix xx
Thank you Narie, working up to doing it again will try the 10 min timer thanks xx
Can you use this same recipe for an 8" square? Might sound silly, but I am not clued up at all on recipes, just made an HD cake and fell to bits x
Ok thank you xx
Keep the cake in the tins when cool then freeze them before getting out? My big problem is getting cakes out of find and not demolishing them, I grease and flour the time, but still have trouble getting them out?
Sorry lol seen another post saying glucose syrup and you use golden syrup lol its my fault lol xxx
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