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The banner need not be in one length....but 3 pieces perhaps, with the joins carefully concealed. For example... on the top right hand of the second tier... and to the left hand side on  the and top of the bottom tier.   Hope this helps!   Margaret393 
I AGREE with K8memphis Well said!!!
HI danielle1986   You can make sugar flowers in advance for any cake. Always allow flowers to dry out prior to storage. I would advise that you arrange the flowers on the cake....preferably THE DAY BEFORE delivery, to ensure that they are firmly attached! Thinned out Royal Icing makes a great glue for the job! Breakages are unlikely, tough handle with care!   Good luck and Happy baking! HTH!   Margaret393
Hi Mandy a BIG welcome to Cake Central....a wonderful platform for Inspiration, Creativity and Motivation!   I make cakes as a hobby and have learnt SO much from both Professionals and Hobbyists alike - here on CC.   ENJOY!!!
Thinned out royal icing would make a good attach fondant shapes and letters. HTH
I had this problem also with the Canon edible printer - wasted edible paper can be costly! To get around this I would FIRST print  out a copy of the picture on PLAIN COPYING PAPER.....then adjust the colour tones where necessary. For example RED or PINK seemed to be the main mismatch!!! Once I am happy with the results,,,,,and only then, will print on the edible paper.   I am not familiar with the CCI profiles with any learn something new everyday, which...
What about Cabinet Pudding - sometimes referred to as a Hot Trifle in the culinary world!. Cubes of plain cake placed in a buttered pie dish, mix in few ounces of dried fruit .ie, sultanas, raisons and glace cherries - cut in half. Pour on vanilla flavoured egg custard, leave it stand for about ten minutes to allow the custard to soak in, and then bake in a  moderate oven.   Note all prepared egg custard based desserts are best placed in a shallow dish of water to...
Hi wedtemp the Lakeland brand is called Magic Icing Powder
Hi kdeabs I agree with cupcakemaker  - royal icing would work well for the curled leaves.  However another option, which makes a good glue - for general use, is to take a small amount of fondant - same colour as cake base, break into small pieces and add a  drop of water. Melt in the microwave - on LOW heat, mix well at intervals - taking care not to burn it! Allow to cool before use. Transfer glue to small container or jar with lid. (to prevent drying out when not in...
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