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Hi! Firstly thanks again for providing a space for persons interested in honing their cake skills to grow :)   I have an FC Barcelona themed cake coming up but can't seem to find any cutters...rollers...silicone molds for the FCB logo...can anyone point me in a direction? Thanks
not the same but here are some possibilities:   Actually that etsy site has many options and they ship globally :)
Thanks.Smckinney....good idea :)
Here are some roses I made for an upcoming wedding cake  
Doing poinsettias for some upcoming projects        
Thanks much....was a lot of work but well worth it... :) Thanks for the tip about the fan....will definitely try it
So here is the Christening cake I made for my cousin.....the weather made the fondant uncooperative...but thank goodness its done :)
Hope this helps....
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