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You're welcome. :)
Oh, hey... I found the exact item!
Hi, there... these aren't exact matches, but maybe you could check them out and see if they might...
Wow! That really covers everything I needed to know, Yortma. I'm a little embarrassed for not having searched it myself first before posting my question, but thank you so much. That was a great dissertation!!    Thanks, too, for the input, Stitches.
Massa Grischuna Neutral versus Carma Massa Ticino -- Has anyone out there tried both? How do they compare?   Thanks for your feedback in advance! 
Encountered the same problem until I realized I forgot one important step that some of the tutorials showed-- tape a clean sheet of wax paper to that second board. When you are ready to lift that board, first untape (is that a real word? haha...) the wax paper from the board. Take the board off the cake. Then now, carefully peel the wax paper from the surface of the cake. Makes for a lot smoother surface. Hope it helps!
Hope this blog by Lesley Wright, aka englishcakelady, aka Royal Bakery, helps.
I haven't found a foolproof brand as yet, but I CAN tell you what did NOT work for me-- Fondarific. It just doesn't set anywhere near the consistency you need so as to handle it without tearing while covering the cake. It tastes wonderful, though! :)  After my nightmare with it on a last-minute cake order, I consulted with several master cakers online, and they all seemed to have the same opinion.    I seemed to have better results with Wilton as it tends to handle...
Wow! Thanks, Funtodecorate!! This is great....exactly what I needed! Thank you! Thank you!And thanks, too, LKing, for your input. I really appreciate it....
"Any cake would be yummy with that much cream cheese on it!" true, Blue Rose! Thanks!
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