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I think it needs the buttercream to stick to - I am not sure how you would get the fondant to stick to the styrofoam.
I did a beach themed cake a couple years ago with the ombre dot technique but instead of using a round tip I used the #32 Wilton star tip - it gave it a shell look on the side of the cake - it was pretty cool
I didn't think lemon curd required refrigeration, the eggs are cooked. Not that I haven't refrigerated I am now curious.
The ribbon on this cake is almost exactly what I am looking for.  I think I have an idea how it was made but I wonder if anyone has made something similiar and how did you do it?   TIA
I am make a few cupcakes for a friends beach themed wedding. She wants white chocolate shells on the cupcakes, I was thinking it might ba a little more realistic to add a little color but I'm not sure hoe to make the color dust stick. On fondant I know steaming sets the color but chocolate would just melt right? TIA
It looks fantastic!
I am not very experienced however I recently made a box cake and if I were to do it again I would ice th cake with plenty of icing (I tend to keep icing thin on fondant cakes) measure and make panels. I would let them set for at least an hour until quite firm but not hard. I usually let my cakes rest over night to crust then lightly mist with water to get fondant to stick. Good luck. You practice piece is beautiful!
Here they are. I found a nike sneaker and modified it some. I am pleased.
I was going to suggest air dry but I love the freezer idea. You can make the pretty far in advance and once solid probably cover them tightly?
I use the Wilton recipe and split the shortening, 1/2 butter, 1/2 shoertening. You get the stability do the shortening with the yummy butter flavor. I find using th full amount of liquid is too thin so I start with half then add as needed. Also I never make less then a double batch.
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