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HiMy parents are literally in the car on their way over to me, so I thought id make them some cakes.Have made my IMBC and it's really runny, the consistency of condensed milk - have whicked it loads and it's not gaining volume.I know what's happened, the local shop didn't havae normal butter so I had to get the spreadable stuff.Is there anything I can do to rescue it? Have tried adding more icing sugar to see if that helps thicken it which hasn't helped!Any ideas...
HiyaAm in UK too, I bought a 6" one and found it too big, so got a 5" one which is OK, but you need a little extra in it (you dont scrape it up the side of the bowl) Id reccommend a 5.5" one, you can find them on ebay Good luck cx
HiyaHow long do you think IMBC will keep in the fridge for....or should it be used straight away?Can it be frozen?Any guidance much appreciated. cx
Hello.Have read that some of you use trext on a 3:1 ratio with butter for your buttercream icing as it crusts better.Does this affect the taste at all?Also if im doing a plain swirl (1A or 2A wilton tip) is it worth it as there isn't much to 'crust'??thanks in advancecx
Hiya, sorry, cant help with the stand but had to comment on the swirls...they are fab, they look like perfection to me!What nozzle do you think that is??1A or 2A??cx
You put what in your who now?? Is this an American thing.....babies in cakes??cx
Lisa, youre a flippin star.....will make up a boatload of it and can add stuff as and when needed as it wont change the consistency.This is the answer to all my prayers.Thanks so much. cx had my eye on this beauty for a while....hoping to get it for my birthday!Gets great reviews and you can store all your cupcake 'bits' when not transporting. cx
Thanks for all your helpful replies guys.Cheers Lisa, really informative....was thinking along the same lines as you...use IMBC to make my cupcakes a little different and less sweet.Do you freeze it? How long does it last in the thinking a while due to high sugar content?? cx
Bought a 2D wilton nozzle from Ebay for £ guys have got it good over the pond!! cx
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