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Hello all, I want to start my website. What servers or software do you all recommend? Thanks!
Also, thanks everyone for your input. I will be testing this out and inform ya'll how it went for me.
I haven't bought one yet to try out. But, I plan on using more batter, filling it 2/3 of the way and I will also be using a flower nail as a heating core. I use the WASC for all my cakes, except carrot, so I am hoping that if it works for chocolate it will work for all of them. last week, I tried to bake a three inch cake in my two inch pans by collaring but the batter spilled all over the oven and the parchment paper was everywhere...
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have always baked two 2" layers in my 2" pans and I just level them and stack to have two layers of cake and one of filling. But,I think it would be better and faster to bake in 3" pans and then tort into 1" layers so that I have three layers of cake and two of filling,I think that that would look better too once you cut into the cake. Also, I could bake a three tier cake at once in my oven!!. However, I was wondering if anyone bakes in 3"...
you could do an 8" 10" and 14" for 140 servings
The price is what is sooo much better and the quality is a little better, in my opinion, than wilton.
Hello everyone, I have always used wilton's 12 inch bags to decorate and such. Today I was at ACE restaurant supply and saw these bags, 100 count, 18" in length for less than $15.00. I decided to buy them and give them a try, they are the best. The tip slides right to the tip of the bag and if the bag is too big you can just cut it down. They do have an outer seam but I am extremely happy with them and I will no be going back to wilton pastry bags. Just thought I would...
Correction*** $165, I forgot that the cakes are covered in fondant.
it really sepends on what your expenses are, there are a ton of forums about pricing her on CC, Where I am. I would charge $115.
I switched from disposable to featherweight because I thought I would save money. I only used the featherweight twice, I despised cleaning them. Disposable all the way!
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