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Hello everyone. I want to make some peanut butter chocolate cupcakes but I am not sure if they require refrigeration. After you pour the batter in the cc liners you place a cream cheese peanut butter filling and bake, Will they still require refrigeration? Thanks!
The only thing that sucked was that I made a really nice 8 inch cake with roses cascading onto the board. Then, I realized I forgot to take off the parchment paper circle on th bottom......
Okay everyone, here it is! First I got showed around the bakery section, where they place things and such. I got taught how to take orders. And then I started decorating. They just had me do quarter sheet cakes for the case and I could decorate them however I wanted. They did not let me do any ordered cakes though with the kits. My manager does not care how many cakes you ice in the time given as long as you do it as fast as you can. Also, roses are VERY hard to make...
I will let ya'll into the "secrets" as much as I can! My first day at the actual bakery is Monday so there should be an update by Monday evening. I am really looking forward to it.
Hello everyone, well here is another update. I had my first day of orientation yesterday and it went pretty good. The management staff was really nice and friendly and this is one of the cleanest walmart stores I have seen, it is also in a really nice neighborhood. I have not started working in the actual bakery as I still have computer modules to do. Overall I think everything will turn out great and I am really excited!
Thanks everyone for your tips and input! Any tip is always helpful.
Hello everyone, just an update. I got called today to go to orientation tomorrow, I will let everyone know how it goes!
And Thanks! I'm going to be in charge of stocking up the display shelf for ready made cakes, I'm afraid im going to run out of ideas style is simple, clean, and elegant but sometimes it might get a little boring if thats all you see.
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