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Hello. I have just enrolled at the knights bridge pme school of cake decorating to do the professional diplomas this may. I am not doing the intensive course but will be doing them weekly for 5 weeks. I am doing all three modules at the same time so should be challenging! I was wondering if anyone else on here will be attending the same course? Or f anyone else has previously done it and have some tips would love to hear about it!
Thank you that was all very helpful. I am a hobby baker and all my cakes have been for family so I wasn't quite sure how that law applied to me.
Hello. Thank you for the reply. Lol I am just a hobby baker and no I'm not charging for this as it is my birthday gift for family! Luckily they have decided to go with a standard stacked cake pheeewww lol.
I really want an agbay too but also scared of additional charges. Has anyone found an alternative in the uk that works (I too have the useless Wilton one) which I can use whilst I save up for the agbay!
I have stuck figures on with a blob of extra stiff royal cing and the didn't budge once the icing had set. Hope this helps
Forgive me if this is a dumb question as I was not aware of all of the above but does the same apply if you don't receive money for a cake, eg you make it as a gift?
Hello. I am making a cake for a two year old girl birthday. I have been asked to make a standing up Minnie Mouse cake and really unsure of how to go about this as legs are so skinny (wish I as that prob LOL!) The party also has a princessy theme so was thinking maybe using a Wilton princess dress pan and make minnie in a ball gown then maybe put this on top of another round cake to make up the servings. Does anyone know if there is a pick available fr this or would I have...
Hello. Yes I did make two batches of the cinnamon rolls, I used a recipe from pioneer woman blog which I came across via bakerella. Here is the link I would highly recommend making these as they were DIVINE and so easy! I halved the recipe and then made another batch the following day. Lol it is rather obscene being from E.s.s.e.x.
Ooooo this is interesting. I thought cake flour meant normal self raising/plain opposed to the stronger bread flour. Have you tried making a chiffon cake, that is a different method and is VERY light. On a side note, hubby went shopping a the weekend and I had an American recipe I wanted to try so put some ingredients on the shopping list including "baking soda" Poor hubby couldn't find it so went round every supermarket (asda, sainsburys, tesco, m&s,lidl) in town trying...
Thank you for your reply. I am so confused because I thought the higher the power the better but like you said the ka ones iv found are 300watts. I didn't know if the higher wattage for the other kenwood machines was more for the diff attachments you can get. Eeeek it's a big investment for me and its so confusing lol.
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