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I'm making a victoria secret shopping bag for my DD birthday, my concern is that the fondant will sag when I put the panels on the cake. I have read that I should add Tylose or gum paste to the fondant.   But I don't want to make it that hard ........what can I do to prevent it from hardenig and falling of the cake?   thx
What a beautiful cake! I have a few did u get the fondant to stay so straight on the cake and not sag? Did u use just plain fondant or add Tylose or something else to it? Also did you use buttercream or would swiss meringue be ok.   i want to make a Victoria secret bag or my DD but afraid the fondant will sag.....   thanks 
Thank you! I think I might have over baked it. 
I have never used one of these meringues, I usually use the regular buttercream, but I get complaints that it is too sweet. I tasted a meringue one and I liked it, but not sure if I can use it as I would the regular buttercream because of the egg whites. Can I use it as a crumb coat for a fondant cake?    Also what is the difference between the two meringues, do they work the same way and its just a preference.?      Thank you :)
I am baking a gluten free vanilla cake and I find no matter which recipe I try they are very dense. I have read somewhere that I can brush each layer of cake (before I add the filling) with some liquor. My concern is that just a thin layer will be moist and the rest will remain dense. Any suggestions? I'm baking a cake for  my daughters bday and she is GF. I would like for  everyone to enjoy a piece of cake at her party.   thanks :)
How do I transport a cake safely?  I have a modeled fondant shoe on the cake board as well and I'm concerned about it not staying on the board while I transport. I will secure it with chocolate but not sure if that's enough.
Can I add tylose to ready made fondant?
I'm making a fondant shoe for a birthday cake and it's been about 1 week and the fondant has not hardend yet. What is the norm for it to harden?Thanks
Thank u both so much!
First time trying do i place a shoe on a cake board and make sure it does not fall over?Thx
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