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I don't have any experience with that company, but I've ordered cookie cutters online (once) from and had a great experience. Most of their cutters are $1-$1.50.I've also heard of good things from, but I have no actual experience with them.
Sounds like all went well and you already got some good advice. I'd also recommend a fan, just having one on in the room can help and/or having a smaller one pointed directly at the cookies that need help drying. it seems from other's experience that humidity can make a huge difference. So if you know you are going to have some humid days when you are doing cookies, plan extra time.I've actually learned these tips from the opposite happening-them drying too quickly. I live...
you may already do this, but after you fill a cookie, run a toothpick lightly through the whole thing, even if you don't see bubbles. It may help. Otherwise, I'm not really sure what to tell you!
most cookie decoraters I've seen recommend letting them come to room temperature in the container they were frozen in. Only pull them out once they are thawed. These people decorate with royal icing.
I'm not familiar with that specific recipe, but from my own experience with sugar cookies and from hearing other's experiences, that sounds like a good timeline. Once the the icing has dried, just keep the cookies in an airtight container-tupperware before they are packaged, and then obviously in whatever you package them in.When I put my cookies in tupperware before I package them, I stick a piece of bread in with them, the cookies absorb the moisture and stay/get soft.
hmm..I wish I knew how to help. Royal icing should dry hard regardless of how thin or thick the icing is.Are you in a very humid area or house? Warm weather and humidity can really affect how long it takes RI to dry.POssibly trying letting it dry in a cool place in the house (if it isn't already-but not in the fridge) or with a fan blowing on it.Also, I'm sure you know this, but just in case-it needs to air dry sitting out, not in any sort of airtight container.Other than...
cake pops can last for several weeks and they taste just as good as the day they are made, so for lasting they are the best option probably. However, if left in the sun or a warm place, they will melt easily.
check out alibee's blog here- feel like everything she does is elegant.Also try searching for elegant decorated cookies, pretty decorated cookies, etc.Also,this blog, seems to do a lot of stuff for her kids schools or other peoples school, you may find some good ideas in her graduation or sports section.good luck!
some of those cookie arrangements have a lot of cookies. I wouldn't really want to buy that many of any cookie-especially if I was going to have to carry it around. You might try bagging the cookies in groups of 4-6 cookies (possibly in clear bags that could carry easily) and upping the price to $2 or $3 for 4 cookies and $3 or $4 for 6 cookies. Frankly, at something like a flea market, I'd much rather buy a small amount to munch on then a whole bunch. (I get not wanting...
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