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Thank you for the prompt reply. Your cakes are beautiful, by the way!  Do you make your own fondant, or do you use a premade one? I would be using Satin Ice fondant for this cake.   Also, do you know if this cake would be firm enough to support the weight of the fondant?
I am a novice baker/cake decorator.  Someone asked me to make a two tiered cake using a Hummingbird cake recipe.  The cake is to be covered in fondant with additional fondant decorations.  From my understanding, this cake is traditionally iced with cream cheese, which I believe will not work under fondant.  My question is, will this type of cake hold up under the weight of the fondant since it has fruit and nuts, and is it stackable? Here is the recipe I would be...
Hi Becky, I'm new to cake decorating, so I don't have too good an idea how much to charge, either.  But, I would be willing to pay $150 for this cake. I know how much time is invested in cake decorating, but there are a lot of people who do not. I have found it helpful to let my customers know how much time was invested in making their custom cake.  Beautiful work, by the way! 
Thanks for the tip, Cakeart! I will look into using that product to see how it works out for this cake.
I have been given the task of making a sugar free strawberry cake with sugar free "pink" frosting, similar to what can be made using a boxed cake mix and store bought frosting. I am thinking of using Pillsbury's sugar free yellow cake mix and adding sugar free strawberry preserves into the mix with Strawberry extract. I'm not sure how this is going to taste, though. I really need assistance with a sugar free frosting.  Can anyone help?
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