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Another question. When I called around to investigate, the people I spoke with would ask me "Are you have the cake with dinner or as a late night snack? If it's a late night snack not everyone will have cake" Do you discuss this with the bride? If so how do you figure out how many people will or will not have cake if it's the late night snack? One company said I would I need a cake for 130 servings one said 120 and one said 100. I've never heard of this. At the weddings...
Exactly, I've never met the woman, I don't know if she's tasted my cakes she could have if she's been to an event where someone has had one of my cakes. But if she doesnt know what a cake costs she can't judge me because obviously I was the first person she called. I think this is the early stages of "Bridezilla-ism" for her lol
Yea I called around pretending to be "the bride who just got engaged a month ago". lol I called 4 places, Place #1 $855.00+Place #2 just gave me between $5.75-10.00 per servingPlace #3 $830.00+Place #4 $840.00+So I agree that my price is reasonable. But I guess it's also because I'm the only one making the cakes, I have no employees. But I don't think I would actually have the space to make a cake this size lol. I've never done a wedding cake because of this issue. The...
So I get a call from the lady inquiring about a cake. I told her I would need to know how many people it was serving the type of cake etc. And she says to me it's a wedding cake and it has to serve 190 people. So I tell her my prices start @ $4/serving for fondant and $3/serving for BC. She then replied with well my budget is $200.00 So I apologized saying that I couldn't make a cake that size for that price, and told her that there aren't alot of places that will make...
and yes thats the hb mixer i have. i wouldnt buy it again tho considering i've only had since christmas of 2011
thanks for the advice, but does anyone know anything about the Morphy Richards Mix FoodFusion? I've found some stuff, there was even a review that someone posted saying they prefered the morphy richards over kitchen aid, which i found strange, my mom has a KA and ive used it a few times but I love it. But im wondering if anyone has ever used one?
And I also just got another reply from another add, its a Morphy Richards Mix FoodFusion she wants $60 for it. I'm just confused now more than anything, do I just go get a cheap $60 (it does look really decent but I dont know anything about the brand) and save up for a brand new Kitchen Aid? Or do I splurge and hope a $200 KA doesnt crap out on me after a few months?
So my HB stand mixer just died on me as i was finishing a batch of BC. I was looking around on some used sites and found a Kitchen Aid Professional series 5qt. Would you pay $200(CAN) for a used mixer? It was owned by a chef, he says he just wanted something bigger but wouldn't tell me how old it is. And he says its very clean. I haven't been able to find one online, I've found a 3qt and a 6qt both price over $500(CAN).Can anyone give me some advice please?
I've done it before, but I guess it depends on your recipe. The beach ball cake (you can see it in my photos) I did was a chocolate banana cake and it was completely fine under all that fondant. The cake for super moist as well. I had no problems what so ever. (except for covering the "beach ball", but that was cause I was still learning lol)
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