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I've heard that you can add some cherry juice (from a jar of marachino cherries) or extract to give it a pink to start with then it wouldnt take as much food color to make it the pink your looking for. But then you would also flavoring the buttercream, so I'm not sure if that would work for you.
I think its a great idea! But it all depends on who's buying. I'm a mother of two, and if I didn't already know how to bake, I would most likely buy one!
And thanks to everyone else for the advice. I'm going to wrap it in a box and put it in a cupboard in my basement.
Where I am today it was 41C with the humidity, so when I'm making cakes I normally set my central air to 16C compared to 18 or 19C.
Thanks for the reply. That makes me feel alot better! I'm still trying to understand why someone so close to me would do something like this, doesn't make sense how she could be so...i dunno...dumb lol
So I had a cake order this week and it was confirmed to be picked up tomorrow evening. So I finished decorating the cake this afternoon. My friend ordered the cake and it was for her friends moms birthday. (I told her to stop ordering cakes for her friends, if her friend wants a cake they can order it from me themselves). Anyways, I send her a text cause the cake was finished telling her I could deliver it tonight or she could pick it up tomorrow before 4pm because I...
sorry missed apart of your question.a 6, 8 and 12 would feed 80a 6, 8 and 10 would feed 62this is a good chart i use to figure out serving and cake sizes
the top 2 tiers look like a 6 and 8, the bottom could be a 10 or 12 its hard to say cause my screen is playing tricks on me lol
My worst purchase: I don't even remember what the thing was called lol it's made by Wilton, it looks like a cross between a garlic press and a play-doh toy tbh! lol It's fondant gumpaste and sugar paste and its horrible. when you squeeze the fondant or whatever through it cracks the fondant. I bought it hoping it would work for making a tassel for the grad cake i made last month.My best purchase: Was my fondant mat, don't remember brand name but its the vinyl one where you...
So I'm making a marble cake for a friend this week. I've done a couple test cakes to get it right. But each time the cake comes out dry. I know I could use simple syrup but I'm trying to avoid it if I can. I've read different marble scratch cake recipes and they all seem pretty much the same. "reserve 3/4 cup of batter and add 2tbsp of cocoa powder" is this the only way, I was talking to my mom and she suggested using melted chocolate instead of the cocoa powder. I...
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