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My brother in law asked me to make a cake for his wife's sister who's allergic to raw eggs. The recipe for royal icing I use has egg whites in it but he doesnt like the taste of fondant, and she likes the look of RI roses. Is there another recipe I could use that doesn't have eggs?
I don't, the majority of my recipes come from my grandmother and my great grandmother. When I decided to open a small home bakery (just like my grandmother but she does dainties, and cookies) she told I could use her recipes as long as a certain percentage of each cake went into a savings account for my kids It's worked out really well actually. And I love my Gma!
My single layers are 2" high. If I tort them i get 2 1" layers of cake and some filling. Thanks everyone for clearing this up me, and that chart is pretty cool to I added it to my faves in case a client wants a more generous serving.
Pricing is something that no one can really help you with. As a newbie hear I've learned that slowly. You have to figure out your cost, your overhead, your profit and your payroll. If your not sure, do what I did, I called around to different bakeries in my area to see what the charged for cakes. I found out alot of them for wedding cakes start at $5+ per serving and party cakes start around $4. But it all depends on where you live etc.
I don't know how I would make my cakes without my A/C . It's a definite life/cake saver!
Thank you for the answer. so since a double indicated 45. a single would be about 22 servings, so would you say 20 servings to be safe since the slices aren't as tall?
Yes, I tend to stay away from the Wedding serving chart since I haven't done any wedding cakes yet. Right now I'm only doing party cakes so I base it on the 1.5"x2" serving. I'm just trying to understand it, on the Wilton serving guide it says a 2 layer 9x13 serves 45. so if I just did a single layer would it still serve 45 or would i want to increase the serving size? I think I would most likely tort the cake because all my clients love my fillings.
Am I understanding this correctly?
Okay so if I were to do a 1/4 slab(no filling) vs. a 1/4 sheet (torted) vs. a 1/4 double sheet it would still serve the same amount of people whether its 2" high or 4" high? I would just discuss with a client how big of a serving size they want right?
I've been doing alot of reading about sheet cakes, kitchen cakes, slab cakes...whatever you call them. What's the difference? I know so one said a "sheet" is just a single layer of cake, a kitchen cake is a 2 layer sheet. And a slab? I'm so confused. I'm using the wilton serving chart to do some math and the ones on there for sheet cakes are for layered cake. So say a 9x13 is supposed to feed 45 people filled, a 9x13 not filled would serve 22? I'm just trying to figure out...
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