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Thanks everyone for the tips, I'm going to be trying this out this weekend. I'm going to look again at a few more stores to see if I can find something similar to viva but I didn't see any last time I looked.
So I've been wanting to try out the viva method but am unable to find Viva where I am. I live in Winnipeg, MB, apparently Viva isn't sold in my city. I've looked at safeway, superstore, walmart, zellers, you name it, i've looked. I'm wondering if anyone knows of another type of paper towel that is similar to Viva, that would still work? I was at safeway today and looked at about 10 different types of paper towel and they all seemed to be very quilted/textured.I spoke with...
Thanks Kakeladi, I'll have to give this a try!
I guess I should have mentioned this, I don't do wedding cakes, I stay toward the party cake area of the cake business. I haven't been doing this for that long. I basically ask a month notice is pretty much guarantee for your date, 2-3 weeks notice is a maybe, and 1 week is a rush order (if i feel like doing it ).
No they wouldn't be eating the roses, but she's so highly allergic to raw eggs she can't eat anything that touches it. Raw eggs in icing = raw eggs touch cake = she can't eat it
That's how I am as well, when I was pregnant with my first son I was diagnosed with carpol tunnel (spelling?) So when I'm not caking I wear a wrist brace on both wrists 24/7. My doctor actually suggested against me doing cakes because it may get worse...I'm just too stubborn to listen
Oh you guys are tooo much! lol Thanks for all the tips!
Wow you guys are all awesome! So I had two non replyers sitting in my email so I sent them both of a polite reminder type email. One of the girls gave a very nice response, I went to high school with her and I knew she really couldn't afford the cake she wanted, even if i simplified the design, but she replyed with "I wish I was one of your kids so I could be a taste tester, but unfortunately we can't afford it this year" which is fine, I understand that, most people...
I would do what Jason said. I live in a bigger city in Canada and I charged 50cents/km round trip. I changed it though and built it right into my price assuming I deliver all my cakes (which 98% of the time i do)
That's what I was thinking of doing, but i wasn't sure if they would think they were being pressured. And i save everything to do with cakes as well, it's business and you gotta keep a record of it all right? .
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