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When I first joined this site only a few months ago I had no problems, until about a month later I had to download a different browser because I was unable to open CC with internet explorer. The only way I was able to open the site was from a shared pic on their facebook page. Finally after a couple of days not being able to log in freely, I contacted support they told me it was on my end. So I downloaded Firefox, I've had no problems since then. When I was using IE I...
I'm still fairly new to this and even though I haven't done a wedding cake I still have it set that my price/serving is still the same. If you think about it, you are making a bit more money on a wedding cake since the wedding vs party servings are different. (Ex. I charge $4/serving for a basic cake. Well if I did 6" 8" 10" for a party that's 60 servings, if I were to do it for a wedding that's 74 servings. It's the same size cake, but because its wedding servings,...
Thanks Apti! x
**UPDATE**Here is the finished product, quite happy with this one. Not sure how to post the pic here but here's the link to the gallery.
I agree!
Just out of curiosity, what serving chart are you using to get these amounts? I use Wilton's party chart, and I see 60 servings if its a 10", 8" and 6" . If i were to do this cake, it would be $240.00 But, it all depends on who your marketing. There are a few servings charts out there that people use, so you need to know which one your using before you price a cake.
What do you guys think? I still have to paint him but I think I did pretty good for my first gumpaste figure.
Thanks for that link, but I don't think I'll have time to order a mold, her birthday is on Monday the 6th (4 days away). So I'm going to be trying to sculpt something by hand today. Wish me luck!
I've been thinking of something to do for my MIL's birthday coming up on Monday, and since I have no orders or anything this week I was thinking of her favorite things...hummingbirds, lady bugs and flowers. Now the flowers and lady bugs are one thing, I can figure that part out. But the hummingbird, does any know of a tutorial for a gp hummingbird? I browsed around a bit on google and couldn't find anything, do any of you cakers know of one?
Thanks everyone, I'm going to home depot tomorrow night so I'll pick up some rollers. I'll post when I'm done to let everyone know how i did! Happy Baking !
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