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One day I'll try isomalt but not for this one. I'm only charging her $80 for an 8inch square cake and 3 dozen cupcakes with gp accents on them. I figured I'll use gumpaste since I already have it on hand.
oops missed that part in the actual post, put it in the title though silly me lol So far my plan is to do it gumpaste and then spray it with silver cake grafiti by duff
When I did my sons Harley Davidson cake for his birthday, I used a chocolate fondant and died it black. I used wilton black food coloring and worked perfectly! I had no problems.
How far in advance should I start making the tiara?
I have a cake order for a close friends, her daughter is turning 1 on the 19th of August. She's asked me to make a pillow cake with a tiara on top. I'm pretty confident about doing the tiara, just not sure when I should start making it? Any advice here?
completely non cake related, but one of these scam type things happened to my boyfriend when he had his own company. Some guy asked him to do a $5000 project for him but was asking my boyfriend for all of his financial information before he could be accepted for the job. We messed with him for quite awhile, then he started harassing us so my boyfriend reported him. lol These scammers always make me laugh.
There's a tutorial on youtube by SweetWiseInc where she teaches you how to fill and torte a cake etc. When she's done filling the cake she actually pushes down on the top layer gently but firmly to get any air bubbles out etc. That used to happen to me, but after I watched the video I've never had a problem again.Here's the link to the tutorial
not sure what a 4" cake serves, I've never done anything smaller than a 6"a 6, 8 12 and 14 = 1708,9,10 and 12 = 150...not sure how that would look's the link to the "cakulator" that i use, it uses Wilton serving chart.
very pretty!
I actually found some cutters by the bakery section of my grocery store a couples months ago. They are actually sunglasses, but they also work as a bikini because they don't have arms. They are about 1.5-2inches. They were made by Wilton too, not sure where else you could find them though I've never seen them at Michaels.
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