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Base price for a cupcake with frosting to one with a flower and another with more detail. I think I'm underpricing my cupcakes 
I have been doing cakes and cupcake for over a year .I'm still learning the ropes? I would like to know how much should you charge for cupcake toppers? base price and up of course with the cupcake included.
One morethging what is the name of this high ratio shortening
your the best Thanks a million
high ratio shorting where do I buy this
Where can I buy High Ratio Shortening
and sorry to sound dumb but what is dream whip
Thank you so much... I have a couple of cakes this weekend and I'm scared lol they will melt especially on I have to delivery for a sweet 16  what brand is considered High ratio?
Hi everyone please help me here what is a good recipe that is sweet and hold up to the hot weather.Made some cupcakes for an order and once I got outside not realizing it would be so hot the frosting started to melt and my mickey mouse ears were all over disaster I was lucky that i had back up cupckaes to redue the order but this was very stressful for me Help!!!
wow that's great have to invest in a freezer just for the cakes
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