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No worries it's okay, thanks for the advice, I'll make sure we discuss that when it he agrees on my prices, thanks so much!
Aatkt....It would be 4 to 6 times a month, each month, I was thinking of taking about $10 off of delivery price, not really the prices of the actual cupcakes and cake pops, it still takes the same amount of time to decorate and make
I had someone call me today interested in having me deliver and create 6 cupcakes and 12 cake pops about 4 times a month for many years to come. I can do any style and flavor I choose as long as it's with the theme. I was also asked to package and wrap them with a bow, ie. make it presentable. This will be good for my business as well as his. Should I give him a discount since this is a guarantee, free choice and help me or still just charge what I charge? Thanks. Or if...
Can you make isomalt too early? I want to do a test run before my actual cake yet if I'm successful I don't want to wait expensive isomalt. Is 2 weeks too early?
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