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This is such an old post I hope someone answers. I have strung pearls this way and used them on a few cakes. I still have not found a good way to finish off the string so that the pearls don't fall off. Do you just try to make big knots in the end of the floss? Also, whAts the best way to attach them to the cake? I've used royal but the string gets kind of heavy and I haven't founded the best way to hang them cleanly. It seems like tying them to a toothpick or skewer...
This is a really
Thanks everyone!!
Got it made - ended up using the rice krispy treats, modeling chocolate and fondant. I would like for it to have  been a little smoother but the customer and guests loved it so that's what counts!!! Here's a picture    
This is an old thread but in case anyone is looking NY Cakes has one
Thanks everyone, I think I'll probably end up using rice Krispy treats. I don't think it will be large enough to use cake....I love having the pics in these tutorials helps me a lot with what it should look like...
I need to make a police hat topper for a cake and am not sure of the best way to do it. Should I model the whole thing out or rice Krispy treats? Not sur hoe else to get the right shape....any suggestions on something to use as a mold?
I always use the Sweetwise mat for satin ice because it does dry out easily. The mat works beautifully and is well worth having. Satin ice is definitely one of the best tasting commercial fondants. Was the cake cold when you covered it? If it was then it forms gas as it warms and creates the big bubbles. Try to chill it only as much as absolutely necessary to firm it. If possible to drive a dowel in somewhere that will be covered by a decoration it makes a "chimney" to let...
Which sites? Etsy is a good idea
Good ideas, thanks for the advice
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